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September 29, 2009


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carol k

I love seeing how you update small things in your home.Every time I go to Ikea I debate over buying that drawer unit.. I don't know why I haven't bought it yet.
I see "Mr. Pain-in-the-backs" visits you too. He comes to our house a LOT! I got the Ikea pillow for side sleepers and it has helped some. We need a new mattress and are in a er...debate... as to which brand to buy.
The home you have linked to is lovely. I love how quiet and calm it feels.


I saw that AT post earlier too, and loved it! Such a calm, organic feel to it.

Trips to ikea are fun! Love your laundry setup...


Yes, I saw those pictures yesterday--beautiful photos and a beautiful home. I love to "collect houses" in terms of style inspiration--Chez Larsson is certainly one, that house another, YHL another. None are really like my house (a 1929 bungalow with all the original features intact and the woodwork in its original finish), but they do give me ideas and inspiration for my own home.


Oh, I know what you mean about the home in Chicago. I have had the picture from the kitchen hanging on my inspiration board for a while now. I love the style!♥


There's different laundry powder for whites and coloureds? Who'd a thunk it?


Do you have any idea how to storage (and to achive that nice look like yours) liquid detergent, since I don't use any powder. Ikea stuff is welcome suggestion since it is just around the corner. Thank you.

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