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September 04, 2009


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Wow! Awesome!:)


So worth waiting for. Fantastic design and execution.


You guys are amazing!! It looks brilliant!


Wow! This is truly fantastic!!

Rattling On

I am going to have to stop reading your blog as it's making me feel seriously lazy and inadequate!
The table is really great- so professional.


Great job and a great design!

lisa h.

You all did an amazing job! Wonderful design.

Your Ikea knock-off comment made me laugh.


I am so so so jelous. Please Ikea, knock-off the design for me to buy! ;-)

Gracia Fraile

It looks so professional! You are a very talented family


So impressive! That was well worth the wait.


Åh, superfint! Älskar lilla kattfacket i bordet, vilken rolig idé!
Ack så jag önskar att jag var lika händig som ni verkar vara, DIY är ju det finaste som finns. Bra jobbat!


That is seriously fantastic!! I have to ask though, How do you manage to get such a neat finish with the paint? I always end up with streaks and even drippy bits!


It's brilliant, what a super job those two pulled!!!


I use a small sponge roller and make sure I don't lay it on too thick, especially on vertical surfaces. To get an even nicer finish you can use an almost dry brush and drag it in your wet paint. This way you don't get the slightly mottled effect from the roller. I didn't do that this time and kind of regret it but my painting sessions were at the weirdest hours, 9.30 pm and 4.30 am so I just didn't have the energy for that extra step...


I know, I'm really proud of both of them. I think I've been demoted though and Wille has taken my spot as first assistant carpenter... :)


It's really cool! One wouldn't believe it's not store-bought and it's really convenient with all the space for things, and your cats, too :)

judith b

Incredible job - I think IKEA needs all three of you! The design, the construction, the smooth finish - bravo for a simply gorgeous piece of furniture!

the brick house

Oh super cute. That bendy mdf is to die! Never seen it before.

Are you up early or am I up late? BTW, I'm a total insomniac.


wow, great job benita, martin & wille!!


You are up late. It's 10 in the morning over here. Go to bed!

•lotta på solrum|fnurr•

alltså. ni är fantastiskt duktiga!
jag har lånat lite inspiration av dig som symbol för ett projekt vi håller på att planera på jobbet.
kolla in hos mig och fundera om du kanske vill vara med?
hör av dig i så fall så berättar jag mer!


Juliette R.

love it! that is exactly what I would want ours to look like, except my husband wants a table he can stretch his legs out under. oh well - love yours!


absolutely beautiful! great job to all three of you!


Beautifully designed, built and finished! I looks great in your room. You can all be proud of this family piece. I'm sure you are happy to give up your position as first assistant carpenter to your son. My boys are still tiny, but I would be very proud if one day they will be happy to work on projects with us.


uau! Great job!


It's really beautiful. Really really beautiful. Thank you for sharing it all with us.


Fantastic table -your living room is just gorgeous, I love that aqua wall!


Looks perfect!


It's a great job - both the idea and its making. You're an awesome team and family!

Petra from the Netherlands



Its beautiful! The best part is each of you contributed! Those are the best memories to give children!

Annette Lombard Scholtz

You are sooooo good - love it and I agree wheels are great!


Wow. WOW. It's Miracle Family!!!!!


I think that's exactly what I need for my living room. Want to make me one? :) I'm seriously going to have to look around for that bendy mdf around here. wow!


Seriously! Awesome! I too have a thing for wheels on furniture, my husband thinks I'm nuts, lol. But then he doesn't have to do the shifting when it comes time to clean.

emma- elefectosherezade

Good job!!! I love the line & your instructions to made it are great.It is a pity that this kind of MDF is no available here :-(




Totally awesome!


For et utrolig fint bord! Jeg er imponert, og litt misunnelig på snekkerne du har i huset!:o)


the coffee table looks great! i love the color scheme you chose- so pretty!

Emma Carlsson

Åh vad snyggt! Jag önskar jag också var så händig! Jag har ofta många idéer men har svårt att genomföra dem. Älskar att kolla in vad du fixar med hemma hos er. Jag kollar nog in här minst en gång om dagen. :) Så ger ni mig massa inspiration. Du har faktiskt fått mig att uppskatta färgen vit mer, det ger en sån härlig kontrast till annat. :)

Lorna from Hotlanta


Kathleen S.

Wow! Very impressive! Ikea is probably crying in its bins.

carol k

Oh Miracle Girl!
I am sooooo envious! And that bendy MDF - awesome. I'm not thinking Ikea...I'm thinking Museum of Modern Art Design Collection...
the sleeping spot for Mini and Bonus is brilliant.


You family's creativity and sense of style always wow me! Thanks for sharing.


Wow they did a great, and your painting is pretty good as well! It looks so professional, if I didn't know any better I would have said that you bought it. I just wish I was as creative! How long did it take to make?




it turned out just awesome!!! :O


No bendy MDF in the states and I have no possibility of making one of these.

What manufactured options did you guys look at for inspiration? I've been looking for a table just like this for ages to purchase online... anyone know where I can find one sort of similar?

Afraid I can't afford to have your 2 guys make one and ship it to South Dakota!


I turned out really great. I would love it if you could do more on painting furniture. I always find it to be such a hard job and your painting always turns out lovely.


This is crazy amazing! I want one. In fact, I want the whole room. Wow. =)


I can't tell you how much I LOVE this design. Immaculately executed, of course :) Well done! I plan on copying it someday. But I'm all the way in San Francisco, so I hope you don't mind :)


Is there any particular type of paint that you use for durability/finish?


Wow...seriously great!

Tammy Scott

Your blog inspires me more then any other blog, book, magazine, television show or home that I have ever come in contact with. I live in the States and everyone I know here just walks out and buys whatever it is they need/want at the moment and we have never been able to afford to do that. For years I just lived with the thought that I could never have anything nice in my home, and in the last year of reading your blog my thoughts have completely changed. I am so much happier with how my home looks, feels and functions. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and ideas with others!

Vicki K

This is brilliant! A great-looking and useful design! I love the bendy MDF - never have seen it before. Having only one side open I would think would also help control the dust. If you have company and don't have time to de-dustbunny then you could put a nice tea towel and cover the whole thing.

The trick for me and the pet area would be to make my little dogs think that it wasn't for them - that way they really think they are getting away with something clever.

Well done.


If Ikea knocks it off, I'm buying it. It looks fabulous and I'm jealous that you and your family can make just about anything. Thank you for going through the trouble of showing us step-by-step.


Are you sure there's no bendy? Did you ask? We asked because we had seen it on a UK home improvement show and it wasn't obvious that they has it in the DIY store.

I googled for tables to get inspiration for this one using searches like "rounded", "round", "castors", "wheels", "rolling", "modern", "storage" + "coffee table".


you guys are completely amazing. seriously.


I prime using a water based primer but use solvent based paints for the top coats. I've tried water based versions but I haven't been happy with the results so far. I'm sure there are great ones out there, just haven't found them yet so I'm sticking to what I know works.

Tant Grön

Sååååååååååååååååååå snyggt! Va roligt att ni gör saker tillsammans, hela familjen jobbar på huset liksom :-)


There's quite a bit of waiting for glue to dry but it took about 10 hours spread over 3 days + the paint job which took about 30-45 minutes per coat.

~ Benita

To: benita@chezlarsson.com


Love, love, love it!!!! Great job, all of you and this is going into my files to copy at a later date....


how incredible!

Goodbye, Small Heart

It's fabulous! You guys are so handy, and I think it's great that you involve Wille in your projects. He will be so grateful when he's older to have so many useful skills!


It figures that I did not search the right words!

However, during my new search I realized that I already have a rolling cart that I can fix up and repurpose for what I need (which is actually a television cart, not a coffee table). Sometimes it just takes inspiration to think of the obvious!


Great! Repurposing! I like :)


I am speechless of amazement! So cool! It fits perfectly in there. I have to scroll up and look at it again.


Wow! That's fricken fabulous! I love the coffee table! That shiny lacquer finish looks great! Two thumbs up!


It's fabulous! I really want one like it

brandy from Austin,Texas

You guys rock!
you should design furniture and sell the plans in your shop. It shouldn't be too hard to copy the format woodworking mags use, no? The dimensions would be handy for those folks that will try this at home, and it'd set up a sort of tip jar for stealing your ideas ;)


benita, we already know your talent, so this comment is for martin:

martin, you rock!

wille: wow! you are one good idea champion.


Just awesome!

I am so envious of the incredible amount of talent in your family. AGAIN.

Is there anything you CAN'T do?


Unbelievable and extremely cool!


Wow that is neat!! I love DIY proyects and yours turned out GREAT! congratulations and enjoy


Love it. & I also love it without the bendy bits too. A double whammy! XXxx


holy canoli! fabulous! good work guys.


Love it!


It's beautiful! Sigh. I would like your entire living room transported to my house, please. Yum.

Barb F (Australia)

Awesome! Fantastic! I love it.

Fröken Prickig

Jättesnyggt bord! Vad duktigt av dem och färgen där bakom soffan är väldigt fin!


This is fantastic! You really have a talent not only for diy decorating but also describing how to, which I find can become very confusing. Thank you for sharing.


amazingly coool!=)


It is awesome Benita. Well done to you all!


Beautifully designed! And so practical! And unique!
No such a thing in any shop and if it would exist, it would cost a fortune!


Me again :-). My husband is also amazed, his idea was - they should give DIY weekend workshops and charging them, of course, we have something like this in our city, they are not so creative and talented as you are and get 100 Euro per person and day (usually one or two days workshops for 10 people.


i cannot believe your boys made that awesome table!!! wowza!!!!


Wow. Wow. Wow.

What teamwork. The new coffee table looks amazing!

Lilla Jag

Really nice!


Oh WOW Benita! It's GORGEOUS! I'm so impressed!


What a fun idea! Not sure about fitting any more people into our garage though. Perhaps if we were showing how to make something small and narrow... chop sticks?


The blue and white together is lovely. You may have mentioned elsewhere the aqua paint color on your living room wall- sorry if I missed it, but what color is that?


Most paint companies over here don't name their paints by names but follow a system called the NCS color system. The aqua color i NSC S1020-B30G. I believe that color number can be translated by a pro paint store that mixes paints on site. Good luck!


Ohhh, lovely! Could your hubby make one for me too? Haha. It's gorgeous! Great job!

I couldn't help adding this to our link luv roundup today:

Thanks for sharing!


I am proud of martin and wille too! =) your blog is such an inspiration!


Thank you so much for including me :)

Haha, I should send Wille and Martin on a world tour of coffee table making!


Benita, you should sell these. Maybe you can get a fabricator here in the US to make them for you. I love this table for it's versatility, clean lines and design, plus I love the rolling casters, and the cat area is genius!


wow! first of all, that coffee table is amazing....second, I am totally showing this post to my husband! I've been looking for a cofee table for a year...but i'm picky. This would be great! YOu guys did a great job!


Cool design. I love the chic white contour of it!

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