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October 29, 2009


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That boatroom transformation is so stylish!
You have such good taste!


hope you feel better soon!


When you feel better, I would love to get a few tips on how to make a canopy. Since we are not really into picture frames, I think it would be a good way to add some colour to our rented and very white living room walls.
Happy recovery - and please watch some daytime tv in addition to doing laundry :D


I kinda like the handles next to the toilet in your old WC....did you just rip them out like that?

I'd also be interested in how to make a canopy. Would you consider doing a how to after your cold is over.


I just love your style and all the changes. Especially, when they are done with one's own hands and with little money.

It is so inspiring! Get over your jet lag cold soon (hope it's not the swine flu!!!)


Love it all! (The afters that is...)
Sorry you're not well, it always happens to us too after being stuck on a plane.
When you feel better, would you mind telling us all about adding molding to furniture?
I have no idea where to start & being renters, I just know it could really make a difference!
Feel better...XXxx.

carol k

Wow! What an improvement. I love the Billy bookcase and the way you used all the space and made it so much warmer!
I would love a tutorial on framing the bookcase. We have the same one in our family room and want to frame it in like you guys did.
I hope you feel better soon.


Feel better! It's been a great tour.


Love the new boatroom! It's so much warmer.

It seems nearly everyone gets a cold when the weather changes. I'm just getting over mine. Drink lots of fluids and feel better :)

Lilla huset på prärien

Hej Benita!

Oj vilken ordentlig make-over ni har gjort på hela ert hus verkar det som! Jag längtar så för vi väntar besked från banken om vi kan bygga till snart eller inte. Håller tummarna hårt - tänk vad skönt om vi kunde få lite större snart...

Hoppas du får en Happy Halloween!!

Kram Jenny


Seems like you have turned every stone renovating your house. The pictures truthfully are depressing in the beginning, but everything gets better along the way. So, what´s up next?


The remodeling is fantastic. After a hectic day, you need a lovely place to relax in. This bathroom is just what the doctor ordered. Get well soon.

Jenn from The Home Decorating Company

Great renovation! I especially like the built in desk in the boat room.

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