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October 27, 2009


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go for it! now! :-)


Now is the time! I am really enjoying these before and afters.

Anna, United Kingdom

Please do post them now - I am loving them :)


I vote with the mob, do it now, I'm loving them. I also LOVE your sunny bedroom wall.

Fröken Prickig

Funderar på att köpa ett mindre hus själv, kul att se fiffiga lösningar man kan göra. Blir lite "rädd" att ett litet hus inte ska fungera då vi bor i stor våning nu, med stora rum. Väldigt inspirerande, tycker jag. Tack!


Mera, mera, mera -tack!
det vore kul att se en planritning också för att kunna klura ut hut saker förhåller sig till varandra :-)


I really love the before and after posts! Keep them coming!

Emily O.

Keep them coming! I love before & afters.


I love them. It's so satisfying to see how far you've come, and it's really good to know that everyone has an in-between stage.


Keep it coming, I love seeing what you have done. The only down side is my planned trip to Ikea on Thursday, which can only be blamed on you, but if it means I can get things looking half as good as yours, then that is no bad thing ;-)

Miss VanDroo

More! I'm loving this!


I love your before and afters! Would you consider picking one day a week to do them? Like "Before and after Wednesdays"? I do something simillar on my Facebook called "Fabulous Foot Fete Fridays", and my friends have commented they look forward every week to seeing what new funky shoes I present next!


Please, sir, I want some more!

I love that Martin has the most clothes. How many sqft is your home with the addition from the previous owners? It looks practically cavernous!


I am finding your Before and After sessions very inspiring. Thanks for the inspiration. Would love more.

Mary (New Orleans)

More, more, more! Loving these posts as I do all of your blog.


Love the yellow in the bedroom... thanks for sharing all these. More more more :)

mama ring

yes! more before & after, i love these.

Shaun Paddock

I love these posts! I would love more Before and Afters.

carol k

This takes my awe at what you do to another level. Small spaces and really large spaces can be the hardest. In a small space you need to edit and know scale for furniture etc. I find that hard. You have done such a lovely job and used your space to it's maximum potential.
Wonder girl I wish you could fly over her and say "Dah- Ling, This must go"!" Edit,Edit,Edit could be my mantra.


Right away please!:)


More, more. I love seeing these. Now I wish we had done more photos of our house before and during--I may start now, since things will continue to change. This is incredibly insprirational and interesting.


I really love seeing these before, in between and after type posts! I hope you have more to share!

I love the bright sunny yellow colour in your bedroom. It is so happy in there! Also, your organized workstation is to die for. I am so jealous of that one!


continue, I enjoy it!


Now please!!


i am so enjoying your posts. Thanks for all the time and effort you put into them!

Dee in BC

I love your before & after theme- More Please !

Jasmine Esbach

Love the green wallpaper & the office, gorgeous!


Fascinating! My vote: keep 'em coming!

By the way, in the older bedroom photo, what is the item in the wing chair? It looks like a cushion...but with knobs?

Thanks for another entertaining post, B!


I too love Before and Afters--whether a room, a closet, a shelf, a pantry, a drawer. You helped me so much with my laundry area...I think I am ready to "solo" any of my other problem areas by following your own before-and-after posts. Just keep 'em coming!!! Love ya Benita!


I love these posts! Keep 'em coming! :D


I've really enjoyed looking at your before/after photos. They've inspired me to reorganize my house more. I have to admit that I came across your blog about a year ago after I was on a home organization chat board and someone posted a photo and link to your blog of your craft area and they said, "oh come on! Who has a craft area that looks like this? NOBODY really lives like this!" :D

Limited Edition

It looks so beautiful !! Yellow can be risky but it's sooo lovely in this case!

More Before/After theme, i love it! :)



I really like seeing all the practical before and afters of actual lived-in homes - it seems so personal and applicable to the real world. Well done!

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