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October 16, 2009


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Put the all the keys you can find on one ring and pretend you are a prison guard. Role playing adds something extra to every relationship... ;)


OR use with the wood sign project from a few weeks ago, drill a hole and have a bathroom pass like they/we had in grade school. Or the gas station bathrooms. (the huge things)


And I'm kidding. Or Martha on Crack.


Those ideas are not too shabby (bad pun, sorry)!

Little Joey is darling, and surely very grateful - Tina's wonderful for having such a big heart.

My Owl Barn

awww. That squirrel is so adorable. I am glad you guys found Joey. I'll forward this post to my friend who runs a farm of rescued animals.


Good job on the squirrel-aid, Tina! Not always an easy "save."

If the wood samples are totally untreated, Squirrel may wish to help you recycle them later? (Squirrels chewed through the wooden louvres on my attic window as Phase One of their "Winter Vacation Home" plans...)

Vicki K

Somewhere on the i-net there is a story about a woman who rescued a squirrel and whose pregnant small dog became very attached to the squirrel. Once the dog had her puppies, the squirrel was allowed to nurse and snuggle with the puppies!!

Those rings look rather big, but my piano playing friends use 2 or 3 of those rings to make music books. They have to separate the pages from the binding and punch holes - but they end up with pages that will lie flat on the piano and they can turn pages more easily.


Joey is a cute little squirrel! I wonder how much my cats and dogs would hate me if I went out and brought home a random squirrel. HA!

Good ideas you've got here. The curtain tie-backs might be my favourite. Or it quite possibly be the nose ring. It's a close one.


OHHH! Adorable! So sweet that she took him in. I vote for the belt-holder or the rhino piercing. :D


After she uses the sticks for stirring paint, she could let the paint dry on the stick, the slip the stick back onto one of the rings. Each time she paints, use another stick, put it on the ring with the others. Label the sticks with the paint brand, color, formula, date purchased, rooms uses, etc.


LOVE THE SQUIRREL! My mom rescued one when I was a wee tot. I also have another idea for Tina!!! How about making the metal rings into napkin rings for the dining table with a little embellishment (beads, ribbon, etc). The wooden pieces could be painted in chalkboard paint and turned into name cards for the table by simply writing the guest's name in chalk on each one!!! I've just had my third glass of wine and this just came to me as I type! Might need to lie down now! All the best and happy weekend to all!


Hejsan! vilken mysig blogg du har, och full av inspiration! Jag bloggar också rätt mycket om inredning och design, och projektet hemma just nu är att göra en fonvägg i hallen av durkplåt, vad tror du om det?
Ha en underbar helg! Hit kommer jag återvända!
Kram Erica


he is so cute

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