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October 30, 2009


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Creating a holiday plan is the one that piques my interest the most but ALL of the topics sound wonderful.


I get tons of picture holiday cards from my friends with children. I'd love to learn how to organize them (besides throwing it all in box labelled "cards to keep"). And I want to stay more organized during the holidays, so on Dec 28th, I'm not completely exhausted and looking at a closet with stuff randomly tossed in it.


Creating a holiday plan with a time schedule that would work sounds like heaven!


A holidayplan so you have everything under control and still feeling energized, that sounds great.


For me...Simplify the season. It's been a huge year for me emotionally, physically and business wise so anything to simplify my world is welcome!



"Simplify the season" was what really struck me, but it was a very pleasant surprise to see that "Simple + Stylish Holiday Decorating Ideas" was included too!
Trevlig helg!


learning what to do to make our family time together joyful

great giveaway

good luck everyone :)


hi Benita,
hope you feel better. Thanks for offering this generous giveaway. I'd be interested in learning more about Simple + Stylish Holiday Decorating Ideas, but since I never win anything online, I just hope to get a glimpse at that from your blog.

Take care


Benita ,the holidayplan is a fantastic idea!!! I love Aby and i love BENITA.XOXOXO,Lilly =^_^=


I'd love to be "organized, prioritized and energized"

Ana Paula Sousa

I'd love to learn how to simplify the season. With lots of family and friends sometimes I need a big help.


Every year, I tell myself to get organized for the holiday season. It seems very easy, but it has never been happening so far for last 15 years...I would love to learn!


"Learn practical, doable strategies for simplifying the key areas of your holiday preparations…from cooking, baking and entertaining, to shopping, wrapping and sending out holiday cards." This is the topic I'm most interested in. Trying to get this all done, work full time, take care of a home, a husband and three kids AND sleep is a challenge. Thanks for the chance to win!


Making and keeping the holidays joyful...isn't that waht it is about?


Learn practical, doable strategies, Its a must for me, I know what needs doing and how much time I have but I never prioritise and something ends up not getting done at all or worse getting done but not in a satisfactory way, and I hate that.


It's a very hard decision! Creating a holiday planner would have to be my pick. I"m 4 months pregnant and know that I'll have to be extra organized this year to not be exhausted by it all! I want to enjoy every minute of it, not get bogged down by the details!


If I had to choose... creating a customized holiday plan.


Simplifying is what struck me first! It would be nice to not be so stressed out.

Cheryl Jaeger

I just made the connection to Aby. I have her book, The Organized and Inspired Scrapbooker, and LOVE it! I refer all my creative friends to this book. Recently, I was asking my co-workers where I could find a professional organizer in our location. Today, I got my answer. Thank you so much for sharing her information, and your inspiring photos. Keep up the great work!
Now, regarding the contest, I need help organizing my gifts from year to year. I like to make most of my gifts, but I forget what I have given/made from year to year. I would like a more systematic plan, and I would like to get my plan together so that I am not sewing in December!
Cheryl Jaeger
Warrensburg, MO


I would like to simplify our approach to the holidays, but not skimp on the fun. Simple + Stylish Holiday Decorating Ideas also would get my full attention! I hope you post these no matter what.


I would love help with a holiday plan. We just bought our first house an have been renovating it since this summer and my fiancé and I will be hosting four parties in the coming months a housewarming, thanksgiving, chistmas & my office holiday bash! It's a little daunting to say the least.

Monika Wright

I'm already pretty organized, so I would be a sucker for the decorating ideas. I love to decorate, but seem to put the same things in pretty much the same place each year. With three kids, I don't have much time to reinvent the wheel, so something new and fresh would be fun to see.


The whole workshop sounds terrific however these 2 interest me the most.
* Learn practical, doable strategies for simplifying the key areas of your holiday preparations…from cooking, baking and entertaining, to shopping, wrapping and sending out holiday cards.

* Share gift ideas, recipes, holiday traditions, tips and more in the private workshop forum.


Oh, I really and by heart desired would like to have figued out, what is mostly important to MY family and me - so we won´t react remote-controlled and controlled by others any more.

Mary (New Orleans)

Oh, I love the idea of creating a printable Holiday Planner!

I am exhausted by the thought of just the thorough cleaning we do before our in-laws come to stay for 10 days at Christmas time. Let alone the baking, shopping, wrapping, decorating, all with three active young children 'helping'.


Hi there,
Looking forward to this kind of workshop. The timing is perfect!
I would have to say that my fav topic would be the making of the customized holiday plan! I love lists and visual plans.!


I am most interested in the after. I dread the put away time the most.

Thanks so much for doing this giveaway!


I'd love to have a holiday plan - all the topics sound wonderful! I'm recently married, so my DH and I could definintely use some help with putting together our holiday decor. Thanks for this giveaway!


This workshops sounds amazing! I've been looking at the services Aby offers for a while, so this is pretty exciting. I think creating a customized holiday plan would be very useful for my family as each year the holiday season seems to sneak up on us and we never get to do all (or most) of the things we would have liked to do.

Michelle W.

I've been wanting to take one of Aby's classes! I definitely need a holiday plan and some help making sure I enjoy the family moments instead of stressing out!

Teal Myre

Help me figure out what is important! Especially now, with a baby, I want to make sure we focus on all of the good things about the holiday's, not just the presents!


A holiday plan and simplifying!


I think i am most interested in the decorating ideas - but also really need to work on the organizing while taking everything down part - I have great ideas and intentions every year, but usually end up too tired and busy, and everything just gets thrown back in the tubs...


En plan för julfirandet - första året med tre barn gör att det inte finns så mycket tid, desto större anledning att fundera vad som ska prioriteras!


All of the topics intrigue me, but if I have to choose just one, the one about returning the house to normal after Christmas is probably #1 for me. I hate the feeling of chaos and not knowing where to put everything after the big day.


Sounds so great! I would love a holiday planner. I have so many ideas of what I want to do each holiday but so many of them never get done.

Vicki K

Simplification is always a worthy topic, and specifically, I would like tips about shopping and gift giving. Sometimes I lose track of what I've already purchased. Also, I don't want to wrap things too far ahead or gifts don't have that fresh look...


I would like to simplify the holidays and have it be more about family. And not all of the stress of the events and THINGS. :)


I'm a procrastinator, so I really need help with my holiday planning. It's always a bit depressing to walk into an undecorated home during the holidays. I would love some help coming up with something simple to help get my holiday season in the spirit!


Oooh! Simplify, no organize, no plan. Ermm, all of the above? As a procrastinating frazzled parent to a 2 year old and 4 year old I think THIS should be the year we get it together and start making traditions and memories. We are displaced Europeans- Danish and British- living in the US with no relatives around. Right now we can't even decide which day is Christmas, the 24th or 25th. So, in all, a PLAN, any plan sounds tremendous!


It all sounds very interesting, but I think the most useful one for me would be "Learn practical, doable strategies for simplifying the key areas of your holiday preparations" :-)


We celebrate almost everything in these winter holidays-Hanukkah, Christmas, Winter Solstice, New Year's...so i need to figure out a plan to incorporate my traditions & my husband's traditions so that we don't overwhelm our son (and me with all the prep!)! Thanks for the chance to win this fantastic class.

Delia Bernal

Oh, oh, oh!!! Crossing fingers here to be pick!
Anyway I am more than interested in •Learn practical, doable strategies for simplifying the key areas of your holiday preparations…from cooking, baking and entertaining, to shopping, wrapping and sending out holiday cards. And •Learn how to store your holiday décor efficiently and effectively.

jenny b harris

I hope I win your giveaway, this sounds exactly like something I really need!

Prairie Girl

I'm interested in the planning, the lists and the SIMPLIFYING, which should all lead to peace and enjoying the moments. =) Thanks for this chance! So glad you're a part of it this year!


What a great give away. So want to be able to present and enjoy the holidays with my family this year!


Simplify the holiday... I just wanr to enjoy quality time with my family so I will be very happy to find tricks to simplify this holiday!

Petra from NL

Two favourites struck my eye:

1. All bonus handouts, especially nbr. 5 ofcourse.
2. Doable strategies to simplify key activities.

Aby's workshops are always great fun!


Simple and Stylish Holiday Decorating Ideas wins my vote. I have been purging our old decorations and I am hoping to go for a lighter, more contemporary look to our decorations this year. I know your ideas will be inspiring!

Hazel O'Boyle

Joyful holiday season - both my husband and I have been made redundant and therefore this year will be very homemade, which I am so looking forward to. It will be chance to get make Christmas special again and at least we will have the time to sew, bake, make!


Hmmm... that's a tough one. It's a toss up between creating the planner and getting tips for simplifing the season!

Thanks for the giveaway! LOVE Aby and would love to take another of her classes!


It is "Learn practical, doable strategies" for me. I would love to be in this class.


I'd love to learn the "practical, doable strategies." I just got married and moved into a new house six weeks ago. Combining stuff is tough!


They all sound great - I particularly like the sound of stylish decorating ideas....


joyful holiday season - How to enjoy the time and not stress out.

Janna-Jo Phillips

Joyful holiday season for me too! My husband and I are sharing our 2nd Christmas without family in a new city and do not feel like we have any of our own traditions here. I'd love to figure out what Christmas means for just the two of us and start some traditions of our own.


Simply seasonal holiday decorating - that sounds the best to me!

STOKED for this! Pick ME!!!!!


Oh hooray, I am ready to get organized. For sure! I am most interested in your chic decor topic, but any would be delightful! Thanks, Benita!


Learn practical, doable strategies - that would be it for me: doable. I've read books on strategies, I've tried to plan, organize, simplify. Honestly, for me a doable strategy is still missing. I'm just no Martha Stewart. I'm a mom, a wife, a daughter, a student and everything I want is a beautiful, peaceful Christmas. So please help me!

mama lieveheersbeestje

Oh, this is something that could help me out! Sometimes I am afraid for the organisation for Christmas to be honnest... I love making my own gifts, buying my own gifts, wrapping them... cooking myself (with help of the children), and decorating the house too.As we are a family of six, I sure could use some help! Anyway, if I win this wonderful prise or not, I love your blog!!!
Greetings Mama Lieveheersbeestje.



This is my first time leaving a comment on your blog but I love the idea of taking the time to plan for the holiday!

Our 2nd baby is due in mid-January and I'm hoping to learn how to plan a joyful celebration for each year now before all the chaos begins.

Christmas is my favorite time of the year and with everyone's (in our family) birthdays falling between Oct and Jan, I'm afraid that without proper planning, every Christmas will be spent in a haze...

So thanks for offering this opportunity to get organized!

Dawn Madigan

Simplifying the season has the most appeal to me. I love the holidays but it has been years since i actually enjoyed the holidays, if that makes any sense!!!
Dawn M


I'd love to see what her planner is like! I'd love to do something like that someday.


I want to know what concrete, strategic things I need to do to make Christmas magical for my children. Like my mom did for us.


"Simplify the season" sounds right up my alley!


Simplifying sounds like a great way to make Christmas more enjoyable, but how? The doable and practical strategies sound very intriguing.


Figuring what’s most important to our family in the holiday season would be nice. It takes forcing me to sit down and think about it in this kind of setting to get to the bottom of it. We just moved from the States to France so this year will be a small holiday season.


Oh, we are moving this week and I am feeling so daunted by the need to organise the new place and simultaneously get ready for Chrismas - I think I need the customised holiday plan!


My favorite interest is "Learn how to store your holiday décor efficiently and effectively." and "Simple + Stylish Holiday Decorating Ideas". I like your pictures very much. I am fascinated of the lights with the candies. So cute!


Happy Halloween, Benita + Family!
For me the most important points would be simlifying the season and of course looking forward to your decorating ideas! Thank you for the opportunity to win a place in the class! A great chance for peaceful and joyful christmas days!

Rachel Strate

Cleaning up is the hard part. It seems so depressing to lose all the color! But I'd love to learn how to efficiently store everything so that it can be found next year!


I am most interested in learning how to streamline my cooking, shopping and wrapping. I kill myself every year and every year, I vow I'll simplify the next. But I never seem to be able to get it under control. Yes, some years are better than others, but I would really like to ENJOY the cooking, shopping and wrapping this year. Thanks for your great blog. It's my favorite way to start my day.


Holiday plan! Seems like a great thing to have.


"Get tips and ideas for making next year’s holiday season even better than this year, and exchange ideas with your classmates. -my favorite topic! besides getting organized and make plans to survive the holidays in general...


"Create a customized holiday plan so you can get it all done. You’ll be organized, prioritized and energized!"

This is the most interesting topic not only for me, but also for my poor family!!!
They are the ones who suffer from my unorganized preparation and my resulting bad temper.

I`d love to win!!

Hope you feel better!!


The DOABLE strategies idea gives me shiver bumps. I have a huge travel schedule for the next month and a half that will mean 6 trips overseas and very little time to get ready. I NEED to create a plan that will enable my wishes for the holiday to come true. This workshop just might be the thing that helps it all happen. Thanks!


Simplify the season would be perfect! With all the stuff I think I need to do before the holiday I´d definitly would need simplicity!


I like the continuum of the holiday organization mentioned above: the idea of being organized before the holidays, during the holidays, and after the holidays. Each year the holidays sneak up on me and then the holiday panic begins!


Snart eftermiddag! Woohoo...
Jag väljer helt klart:
Simple + stylish holiday decoration ideas. Dina juldekorationer är min förebild. Älskar ditt vita, turkosa o röda. Hoppas på tur!

Monica B

I have already joined this class and I am really looking forward to Tuesday when it all begins! My fav topic must be the "strategies on how to make everything doable".


Wow, well all of the topics sound extremely relevant and look like they would be very informative but especially the printable holiday planner. This is the first year my boyfriend and I will spend christmas living together as well as we are moving on January 1st. So plenty of things to plan for!!

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