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October 02, 2009


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Erin Kleider

I love the white candle sticks! I think they catch the light and shadow very nice all painted white! Bravo!

Erin :)


Oh, the wall hung candle holders looks fantastic!! I always read comments about cats and candles, but our cats never goes near candles. very odd. As soon as the candles are lit they stays far, far away. Isn't that odd, specially when you consider they are not very smart cats... They are big cowards though. I guess that's the answer. Have a nice weekend, all five of you!

Anna, United Kingdom

Just adore the white painted candle sticks - they look fantastic as a group like this.


Beautiful and tidy room. The house looks so nice..


Everything looks great, as usual! Cannot WAIT to see the before/after page!

judith b, france

I just love what you have done with the sconces and the candle sticks, the lick of white has raised their sculptural appeal to the highest level! Such wonderful shapes! I'm sure you have no regrets there...

As for the apple, when an artisan has made such an effort to bring out the veins and line them up so beautifully, it would be a sin to hide that care. But you've got that all figured out ;)

Looking forward to those before & afters that will put us all to shame!


Lovely, lovely, lovely!

Did you make the cover for the matchbox? :)


Snyggt!!!!! Har några träljustakar som behöver piffas till! Kul att du valde att ha äpplet trärent!

Ha en fin fredag du inspirerande kvinna!

;) /Caroline


no, i love the white candlesticks! i recently moved to a new home and decided (partly because of your blog) to use far more white! good choice...


Love the wall sconces and the candlesticks--not boring at all.

Glad you kept the apple wood--it is gorgeous!

And thanks in advance for befores and afters--a great reference tool!

Not Your Goddess

Good choice, on the apple and the candlesticks! How do you paint them, do you spray them? What (spray)paint do you use?

mama ring

beautiful! i love the wall sconces so much. hmm, maybe i'll have to keep my eyes open for something similar when i'm thrifting!

i can only dream about having a fireplace and mantel. maybe a shelf can serve the same purpose.


Can't wait to see the before/after page & photos! I'm sure they are going to be very inspirational. Especially since I've just bought my first house, can't wait to get the keys and start shooting the befores of my own place. Keep up the great posts, love to read your blog!

Vicki K

When you said "11 years" - I think that is very inspiring to we who want everything done now! Do you not worry about the soot that (at least my) candles leave on the wall and ceilings? You just know you're going to paint again sometime?


love the painted candle holders, absolutely beautiful


Oh, white is not boring at all! I love these wall candle holders!


Oh I love the candles! It looks so welcoming and cozy, especially when the weather turns dark and chilly.


Hi Benita, glad you left the pretty apple alone! Can't wait to see your before and afters-you are such an inspiration to me to get my life organized once and for all! I have been plugging away since I found your blog-it does not come naturally to me but I am happy with my progress. Happy weekend! Karen from CT


how do you get your candlesticks in such a nice way? They look like bought so.

MyR .

Lovely as usual, Benita!

And I also think the apple is great as it is! :) It reminds me some small wooden boxes my boyfriend's (or maybe ex-boyfriend... he is not talking to me lately) "morfar" from Skåne did himself many many years ago! They are just round, not apples, but I love them!!


I love it. And special love goes to match-box :-))))

carol k

Ohhhh! I wish I had half your thrifting luck. The apple is just right in the window and I love the white for the candlesticks. Not boring at all! Good call on the white.


Hehehe...;) XXxx.


I was surprised to find a cousin of your apple on West End's website: http://www.westelm.com/products/a729/?pkey=cvases-objects.


kari jo

now, tell us more about the darling
'home sweet home' prints you have
next to the cool candlesticks, please.
love them.
want them in my nyc apt.
kari jo

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