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October 28, 2009


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the differences are so huge, really wonderful!


Wow. You guys have really, truly made this house your own. If I went to check out a house that looked like yours did when it was for sale, it would've made me so tired just considering all the work that was needed that I'd probably leave burn marks on the floor from running away so fast :)

If you could find a way to bottle your inspiration and energy, you would make a fortune!


Judith is right... Please try to find a way to bottle your energy, Miracle Girl!!


Wow! I knew that you had done amazing decorating over the years, but I hadn't realized how much renovation and updating you've done. Bravo!


The first view down the stairs is a bit frightening!


Wow. I am still recovering from the before photo looking downstairs. I wish I had your ability to see the potential in spaces (& your willingness to tackle DIY projects). I think these may be the most dramatic before-&-afters yet.


I'm loving all of these before and afters!! You're so talented!


I am so impressed by your before and afters. You amaze me. These posts are a book -- have you gotten a book contract yet? Seriously.


I love the colour of the sink and toilet, too! They look so great with your bright and clean colour scheme, too.

Our house had a pink toilet when we moved in (yuk!) so it was one of the first things to go! Thanks for sharing these before and afters. My husband and I are avid DIYers, so I love to be inspired by the work that you've done so well!

Anna Tidblad

Just found your blog and it is wonderful! Gives me so much inspiration and energy to finish my own house. How did you put up the shelves in the toilet, hiding the brackets?


I pre-nailed nails without heads into the side of the shelf and punched matching holes in the right hand wall and pressed them togeter. The other side is a cabinet and I nailed the shelves through the wall of the cabinet http://www.flickr.com/photos/chezlarsson/2425933982/in/set-72157603439433970/.
So glad you enjoy my blog :)

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