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November 04, 2009


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Love the travel memory box idea. :D


A couple of wines makes you guys creative! :-)
I love the corralling idea, it's nice to have the same box in every spot. And the memory box probably works really well, especially if you're too lazy (like me...) to put all the little subway tickets etc. into a scrapbook.

If you don't like the look of the boxes as is, or it's just too busy, I would paint them in some leftover colour and use the boxes on my desk for pens etc.

Juliette R.

Great ideas!

Here's another: how about hang them like the key boxes, but store jewelry inside and put a photo on the front?

Polly R

I like the frame idea, and the travel idea. And of course you always need boxes for clutter (well I do! I have about 7 clutter boxes haha!)


She could always make some banjos! http://images.google.co.uk/images?hl=en&rlz=1G1GGLQ_ENZZ344&q=cigar%20box%20banjos&um=1&ie=UTF-8&sa=N&tab=wi


I use an almost same box for putting the tea-bags in it.

Loved the idea of After and before frame

Charlotte K

I was just about to buy a key safe. Now I won't!! I have a wooden cigar box (thrifted)just perfect for this.



I have several in use...Seashell collection, die and cards for games, bits for my dremel tool, they are great!

glass pendant lighting

Those are great ideas!

Vicki K

Depending on how crafty you want to be...I've seen cigar boxes (paper and wood) turned into purses. You glue fabric on the sides to the lid to make a gusset (to keep your items from falling out). You could also make fabric pockets on the inside of the lid to hold keys, phone, lipstick. You can probably google it to see photos.


I love the travel memory box idea - I could really use that in my own place! (Now to find some cigar boxes!)


I really love the memory boxes idea! That is awesome. I would probably do that one myself. The shadow box is also a neat idea. :)

Erin Kleider

I love the memory boxes and shadow box idea, but I am partial to ephemera...

Erin :)

Stephanie in Seattle

The brainstorming posts are always so full of inspiring ideas from you and your readers. I have a wood cigar box on my desk to hold misc mailing-related items such as postage stamps, address labels, airmail rubber stamp. I use another one to hold sewing notions.


All great ideas but, PLEASE, don't put an apostrophe in keys. Unless the keys belong to someone named "Key". ;)


Oh, I love this one! My favorite is Sanna's "before and after" boxes for kid fun. My 11-month-old would love this! Must get some cigar boxes :)


Thanks all for so many ideas. I will try to work on them a bit and send Benita some photos of the after.


I have a special talent I am a "boxer" I love to box and I am so happy to be given left over sturdy boxes to box...let me explain: what started as scrapbooking turned into card making and developed into my boxing addiction!
Take your favorite craft papers and cover the boxes, let dry for a day or two and add decals, stickers ribbons etc anything you love put it onto the box!

Boxes can be given as gifts or used around the house. Birthday boxes,Wedding memory boxes, Welcome baby boxes, Holiday boxes, Recepie boxes, craft boxes etc... box a gox in red gox box sox (:
I hope this creates a spark in your imagination

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