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November 11, 2009


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I think it could have been used as grid ceiling, it is usually used for offices or industrial places, where instead of closing with plaster the installations you use this http://www.made-in-china.com/image/2f0j00MBVQobcqAUkZM/Aluminum-Grid-Ceiling.jpg
and it looks like this http://www.made-in-china.com/image/2f0j00SeTQiyglZhbsM/Metal-Grid-Ceiling.jpg

I like the idea of using it as a light and the planting ideas.


Hang on, let me get a drink...


Not whacky (haven't gotten to the liquor yet), but maybe one of those grids you hang pots and pans from, in the kitchen?


If you use them both... a trellis to hang outside for bigger plants is also an option!:)

Elisabeth - anyhow.se

Klart grabben ska ha sin choklad!!! :)

Jag ville ha en idé om vad det kunde vara, så till den milda grad så det låste sig helt & stannade på... ingenting, så inget mail till henne härifrån!

Erin Kleider

I think that if you remove the extra sliding piece so that the edges are the same all the way around, they would make GREAT modern art pieces to hang on your wall. If the finish of the wood is not nice, you could always spray paint them. White would be interesting if it was in a place where you could see the structural nature of the piece. They might even be cool if you could find a way to get lighting to go through them in an interesting way.

good luck with the project!
Erin :)

Jenn from The Home Decorating Company

Seems as if you have come up with some great ideas for such a random find. I love the idea of using the waffles as a lighting fixture, you could really be creative with that idea.


A jewelery divider in a drawer. You could add colorful fabric or paper underneath.


I think there are limitless possibilities if you too the idea of adding the grid (or a portion of the grid) to a box structure. You could make a utensil holder, a paintbrush holder, a magazine holder (if you took out some of the slats so you had long, narrow openings), an interesting container to arrange some fake/dried flowers, a pencil holder, etc.
I do like the idea of using them as a screen, either in front of a small window, or between rooms/spaces, or even just on a table or something to quickly mask unwanted sights (like a messy desk or electronic equipment).

Lilla huset på prärien

Du är allt bra uppfinningsrik du! :) Ja en liten adventskalender till mina tre små barn hade inte varit helt fel. Mycket jobb blir det...

Kram J


Thanks to Benita and everyone else for the great suggestions. When the waffles make their transformation, I'll be sure to send "after" pics! THANK YOU!!! :)


No ideas, but I think I can tell you their original use. I think they're probably old floor grates for forced air heating. Ours are inactive, but we have some of these on our floors in our 100 year old house. But we also have some that are cast iron. Actually, the wood ones might be for the return air ducts. All I know is that I'm always a little worried that my kids will stand on them and fall through the floor!


I would love to pick your brain about a trouble zone in my kitchen. It is driving me nuts, no matter what I try it ends up cluttered

Geeky Geekerson

You and Martin are a brilliant team. I would never have thought of half of the things you came up with. Love your blog (I'm close to one year of 'discovering' it).

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