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November 26, 2009


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*smile* I never did a shirt pillow. Maybe I have to try it using some of my husband's shirts. Mine would be too small (only a small pillow *smile*). I like it when you use old things and turn them into something new.


That is so awesome! Now, to go shirt raiding!


supersmart :)
jag älskar din blogg och är en "tyst" besökare. Men nu måste jag få fråga dig om en sak som jag undrat. jag är så förtjust i din ljusslinga som du har i dörröppningen i ditt vardagsrum. skulle du kunna skriva lite om den. jag var på jakt efter en igår för att kunna göra något liknande, men slingorna var så himla långa.
Ha en fortsatt bra vecka //Maria


Definitely going to come back to this tutorial - my daughter has a zillion t-shirts that she wants me to make into a quilt but I'm campaigning for turning them into pillows instead!

By the way, that picture of Martin and Wille is SO great. They both look so involved in whatever is going on over there outside the shot. Football game, maybe? ;)


What a great idea! A special pillow with such meaning behind it. Perhaps Willie will 'inherit' it someday:)


Love the pic of Martin--kind of reminds me of Bruce Willis :)


håller med Leslie. Väldigt lik Bruce Willis :)


That's a great idea! And so easy! I think even I, can do that!


Jag köpte den i en belysningsbutik som skulle stänga men t ex Granit har korta slingor av olika slag.


tack! jag har tyvärr inte granit i närheten men jag ska hålla utkik i andra affärer. ska till ikea idag och där kanske jag hittar. :)


You often refer to the "zig zag" stitch. What stitch is that? I've been sewing a bit lately and stuff frays, so I want to prevent it. Can you show pictures of the stitch (so I can figure out which one it is on my machine) and where you sew it on? (The edge? Next to the running stitch?)



Beautiful pillow, and I love the picture of Bonus, makes me miss the cats I had growing up - we called that pose, "meatloaf"


This is a zig a stitch http://stampsearchwithcath.com.au/shop-joomla/components/com_virtuemart/shop_image/product/Zig_Zag_Stitch_49b3a1bf071bb.jpg. You sew it right along the edge of the fabric to prevent it from fraying.


Aw Martin, You gotta lock these up when you not at home with a crafty wife :-)


Thank you. :)

renee anne

what a super amazing idea!! I can't believe how simple this looks and that I haven't thought of it before!

thank you for sharing :)

fantastic blog all round really!
Renee x

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