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November 06, 2009


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Anna, United Kingdom

Thanks again for sharing this series Benita - I'm finding it reassuring that it takes time to get things how you want and I need to be a little more patient I think.


I agree with Anna! There is so much to be said about patience, not rushing out and spending loads of cash to make your house look great. You truly are an inspiration, Benita. It takes time and love to create a lovely home, something your photos prove time and time again.


I think these are some of the most amazing transformations in the house - you've managed to turn horrible forgotten spaces into great rooms that anyone would be happy to be in. Thanks for sharing!


Every time I see pictures of your laundry room I get more and more determined that mine will someday look like that! But since it also involves renovating a VERY 80s bathroom I'll have to be patient till we can bring in some pros...till then I'll just keep looking at yours :)


Whew! All the "little" projects really add up!

Have a lovely visit :)


Could you post the floor plan of your house? It is hard for me to envision how all these rooms fit together.
Much thanks for sharing your lovely home with us. You are such an inspiration!!!


You really inspire me to pay more attention to the 'forgotten' spaces in my house. We put a lot of time and effort into the kitchen, living room and so on but then closets, laundry areas, and so on are neglected, ugly or poorly organized.

Petra from NL

I have laundry room envy! I love that map-rack, by the way. I hope you find a spot for it again soon.



Don´t know if you speak swedish, so I stick to english :)

First time here! Saw that you are one of the other finalists! Congrats!!!! I´m finalist nr 5 ;) Lilla Blanka.

Wow your blog is great, i´ll definately be coming back!!!



hello from minnesota!

oh my. this gives me hope for my nasty, nasty laundry room and basement. thanks for sharing - it's so inspiring!

Anna @ D16

Benita, you would have a heart attack if you could see where I have to do my laundry in my basement!! D:

Elisabeth - anyhow.se

Jag tror och hoppas att du inspirerar oss alla till att vara helt lugna & lite mer kluriga i renoveringen av våra hemma - jag blir alltid enormt påverkad och imponerad av ert smarta & fina hantverk!


The floorplans are actually in two old post. I was thinking the same thing as you, and searched for it. Here is the basement:

Benita, one of the things about your blog that are so inspiring, is the way you hace reused things that were already in your home when you bought it. In this post it's the cabinet doors that became shelves. Thanks for those little details!


Oh, and one of the things about my own household that I love, is bringing my laundry to the laundrette and pick it up clean, smelling wonderful and folded. ;-) It is a huge luxury I allow myself as long as I'm a single household, because I can't stand doing laundry! Saves a lot of space, too, I see. ;-)

Room Elegance

I love how you organise your spaces...so simple and classic!


I think you did some great renovations. Very inspirational too. Have fun with your mom!


I love your laundry room baskets. Could you please tell me where you got them from?
Thank you!


The ones in the picture from 2008!


They were from Ikea!

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