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November 24, 2009


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Oh how fun!
Hmm, no I don't think I have a specific pattern that repeats (pun) over the years but the color cobalt blue does. If you take a look at my blog you see quite a bit of it. Although I'm a very undedicated blogger so I don't have very many samples. The color blue makes me feel calm and alive at the same time. I love it!

Rattling On

Gingham, so clean and fresh looking. And I love the idea of Martin's Great great great gramndmother having a highland fling (get it?!)


Aw, look, a heartshaped potato! :-)


In my case; definately toile de jouy!

Like in my bedroom wallpaper, my wellies:

two or three bags, my apron in the kitchen:

several boxes, curtains in my home office, five blouses... and I´m still counting. Just LOVE that pattern! And there are so many variations!

Monica B

Stripes! I always love stripes...


Benita, have you put these adorable pictures of Wille and your husband in a photoalbum/scrapbook? I think they are so lovely


I live in Scotland, so it's everywhere. Sadly, still have to get a tartan throw for my room...


Benita--I love the Union Jack/tartan throw combination on your beautiful blue couch. I'm in love with tartan lately, and I just found a gorgeous blue/green plaid throw at the thrift store. I don't usually "winter-style" my apartment, but I'm thinking I may need to spend a weekend recovering my pillows in plaid. I think I'm overdue for a Preppy/Scottish moment. :-)


Didn't you get married in tartan? I miss a picture of that... :) I love rose patterns in pale prints like old porcelain. I always find myself looking at curtains or fabric or even clothes with roses. But strangely enough I can't see it in my home or me wearing it. So I really don't own any rosy things. But if I ever get a summer house there will be roses... everywhere!


I love tartan too-- and have several pillows and throws to show my obsession! My dogs are actually decked out in Stewart Tartan colors for the holidays:


Love the pictures!

carol k

Probably Paisley as a pattern and the color aqua. I love the ocean! and a hidden lust for pink accents.
I have 2 sisters. My mom would dress us all in plaids. We wore each others hand me down plaids. Then I went to all girl school and our uniforms were.....you guessed it, plaid. Hunter green and white plaid. I shudder today when I see hunter green. I will probably not ever wear plaid. However, I love plaid accents for the home.


not just a pattern but a fabric..seersucker, so evocative of summer, lemonade and the sound of crickets


Circles. Not polka dots or spots, but circles. They always catch my eye.


I adore polka dots - can't get enough of them. It started when I had my daughter. My fave combination is red dots on an aqua background, but any polka dot will do!

Vicki K.

Sweet, sweet Baby W! I'm always drawn to ticking - especially reds and blacks and blues.

Erin @ SYL: Slipcover Your Life

LOVING all of the tartan... esp. the tartan/union jack combo!


Get it! Oh, gingham's a fave of mine too. Red and white in particular!


That day was actually Wille's first taste of potato so the heart was very appropriate :)


I do, I do! They're in albums but these are from the negatives I spent forever scanning. So glad I got use for them!


Hmmm. I did, come to think of it. Black and white. I remember thinking the jacket would never go out of style only to try that boxy 1990 thing on a few years later and thinking "What was I thinking?!.


Now I wish I had a Scottie to dress. Or that Mini and Bonus would weear something like that. Wille and I actually bought little kitty tartan bandanas for them when we got them four years ago but they refused to wear them...


I feel for you! :)


Anything paisley. Toile too.


Loved the tartan! And the cute baby too!



Ana v.

Any tartan, or flowers was good and I've always liked bright colors, but with menopause and 11kg more weight now preferences go to the dark colors to hide the defects, he! He!


I am with Liz: toile (around the home), paisley (in what I wear )


Well, you are very 'In.' The states has a catalog called Delia's (and it seems to come EVERY day to my house!) and absolutely everything in there is plaid! So you might love it!


I actually DON'T like tartan at all, but we do have exactly that tartan Baby Björn that we've carried our babies in. It was a hand-me-down from a friend and I am currently using it with my third baby! :-)


I always love some tartan. You guys would be very happy in Kenya, everyone wears bright red plaid, and you can get beautiful plaid Masai blankets everywhere. Ever since I returned from a summer there, my apartment has been full of plaids, the perfect way to brighten up colorless student housing.

Fashion office

Always the best blog... Well done....

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