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November 30, 2009


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It looks great. Good job.
I will try next weekend to start decorating a bit.


I was already waiting for a post showing your decoration. ;) What did you do inside? :)
I just did some lights and the svensk glas tomte från Målerås. Oh and the wreath for the door.
Maybe I'll do the rest today. ;)

I like your decoration. Faux isn't bad. I have a winter wreath nearly for years now and I love it. I have one for autumn, too. I decided to spend a little more money for the wreaths so that they really look nice and not cheap. I think that's what makes the difference. Your berrywreath is really beautiful. And I like the idea of the lighted wreaths. I like how accurate you put the cables to the sides so that they don't show that much. Really lovely decoration.
The glänsa wreath is here in the kitchen, too ;)

Många hälsningar från Franziska

Mamman i huset

Jag förstår att du vill ha snö... Det skulle bli fulländat!

Här uppe har vi så enormt mycket snö nu och då känns utomhus dekorationer nästan överflödigt. Lampor däremot är alltid mysigt.


Love the wreaths with the fairy lights - just gorgeous.

We have got as far as cutting out paper snowflakes this weekend which I'm going to plaster the windows with. Cheap and cheerful - not sure how it will look though!


It looks fantastic! I love reading your blog for ideas and inspiration. We have recently moved permanently from the UK to a Vinter Villa i Halsingland. I have min mann preparing the porch NOW as we speak, ready to put out our decorations. Thank you for your blog TACK SA MYCKET! I am sorry to disappoint BUT we have SNO! Yay!!! Yipee and I have 2 very happy boys that took the bus to school this morning LOL! Kram Julie x


I love it, it really looks fantastic! :) We're currently building our house and I can't wait until I can decorate it next year! We live in an appartment and somehow it never looks that cosy and nicely decorated...
I really really like everything you do and read your blog religiously every day since I discovered it, and keep browsing older postings too and re-reading them, can never get enough! :)



Petra from NL

Those wreaths with lights in front of the windows are my favourite. Simple, just a few lights, very much Benita-style!




It looks real festive! But peacefull, at the same time!


This looks really nice and welcoming in these dark days!

I've got a question about the lights. I've been thinking how I could decorate my front porch and there is one big issue: electricity. There is no way I can squeeze the cord through a door or a window. How do you reach a socket with the fairy lights? This is not the best time of year to open a window ;-) and I've never heard of battery powered christmas decorations. I'm dying to know what everybody here does to solve this issue.


You have no idea how I like your blog, it's literary number one on my bookmarks bar ! :) I am from Warsaw, Poland and love your style, so crisp , all the whites and color accents here and there, sooo fine. So called 'Scandinavian look' is my type, and you know what-- just today I have returned from Stockholm! And saw your blog spirit in a bigger perspective of the city. The city looks great. I was there only for 3 days visiting my high school friend who has been living there for 6 years now. Her apartment is so luminous and soft and white and warm grey that I returned with my bateries charged for the winter, I hope :) Your winter decorations look just right !This weekend I am visiting my mum who lives 130 north of Warsaw and I am hoping to bring some pine smelling wreath components and try, just really try to make my first own wreath---keep my fingers crossed to have it a bit similar to yours:) Cheers. Ania.


Each fairy light came with a long very thin cord so I did just close the garage and boiler room windows over the cords... The garage window was prepped from previous years though where we had a really chunky cable for the lights and I actually cut a piece of the frame out to allow the cable to pass through. Those battery operated lights are nice but the battery doesn't last very long. I'm waitng for someone to come up ith solar powered string lights!

sandra yeong

lovely decoration!!!

Erin Kleider

So lovely! I just finished putting up my decorations as well. I really go all out and have just about finished. I think I have a little embellishing left to do.

Tell me, how do you wire electricity to the window wreaths?

Erin :)


...oh...so wonderful...and here we wait for snow,too...;)...love your decoration style...and lights are very important in the holiday season...so have a lovley week and enjoy your wonderful decoration...;)...

Shaun Paddock

I love what you have done with the decorations! Question. How did you hang the wreaths that are hanging from the ribbon. I love that look and would like to try it.


The cord is hidden by the red ribbon. The cord is held in place by a cable clip the top and the red ribbon stapled on either side of the cord. Then the ribbon runs along side the window and down, held down by cable clips.


The lights are 40 bulb string lights per wreath and I just went around the wreaths a few times until there were no more lights left, just the cords. There's an explanation on hanging them in a comment further down.


Thanks! I'll give it a try. After Sinterklaas. :-)




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