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December 23, 2009


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Thanks Benita! Funny, I thought you already posted this some time ago and went through all the archives yesterday late at night, with no luck of course. And now I wake up and you posted the tutorial :) Great! Thanks!


I too have discovered the glory of homemade pillowcases - it's a great remedy for boredom and/or a dull couch/bed/chair. Question: Have you found any of those polka-dotted fabrics recently, and in the Stockholm area? If so, where? I'm craving dots but I can't find them anywhere!


I got both the large and small polka dot fabrics at Åhléns. I think I still saw them the other day so you may be in luck!


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What in the world...In my mind that’s the first place I looked.
Maybe they snuck them in there the day after I was there! Thanks!



I'm gonna give it a try!


Thanks for your beautiful and inspiring blog, Benita! I have been following it for a while but seeing that it's Christmas, I wanted to say thanks to you. :) Karin from Germany

Gina :|: Listening in the Litany

Thank you for posting this. I've been wanting to make these for awhile but hadn't figured out a method just yet. The fabric is beautiful.

Elisabeth - anyhow.se

Det där blir ju helfint - TACK för instruktioner! :)
Er gran var absolut superfin också!
En gigantisk God Jul!


great tutorial thanks for sharing!


the link didn't function when I wanted to open it. I used this one: lipstick on your teeth
I enjoyed reading the interview.

Thanks a lot for the tutorial. I made my living room pillow cases in a quite similar way but also learned something new through this tutorial. Thanks!


I fixed the link. Thanks!


That's also my favorite way to cover pillows! I don't need the hassle of buttons, velcro, or zippers anymore.


Lovely! Thanks for the tutorial. Now I just need to figure out how to use my sewing machine... how embarrassing :)


God jul och tack för din som alltid inspirerande blogg :)


Thank you for doing this! I will definitely give it a try since the last time I decided to try this and "winged it" it turned out terrible. Easy, yes. Now anyway!


Thank you so much for this! It might seem easy but for someone like me that loves to follow their tutorials it wasn't easy trying to figure out how to make pillowcases without the zippers on them - and therefore never tried. This is to simple, and I really should have realised they'd work perfectly on this size, too, as they work on the bed! Doh! But, yes, thanks :))


Haven't made pillowcases in a long time, but you make it look so easy. I have yet to learn to sew zippers, but envelope closures are great. I even add snaps so that it doesn't buckle too much in the back (and keeps my kids from ripping the covers off the pillows).


I really love this -its by far the easiest thing I've whipped up in a long time. I blogged about it and linked to your tutorial. You can check out my results...



Thank you for the tutorial! I haven't touched a sewing machine for over 15 years, but encouraged by how simple the tutorial looked, I decided to give it a try. Now I have successfully sewn 2 pillowcases! And I have more fabric lined up waiting to make some more...


Thank you so much! I just made a real cute mini cushion cover, which I'll put lavender in. I'm a bit of a silly person, and I didn't really understand how to pin it together ready for the final cover, I figured it out, but I was just wondering if you could make that a little clearer (for other people). Thank you for the great tutorial.

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