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January 29, 2010


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Your post arrives just as I am about to go to sleep. It's a great way to end the day. I particularly enjoyed your picture of "The Help Desk." I could so relate, as my 14 year old daughter is my tech support and just recently my blog designer. I just happened to write a post about it for today. Serendipity!


Love the way you put your days in pictures! The semla looks very good to me! I´m curious... what´s in it? Is it sweet or salty?
Every morning the same ritual: a cup of latte & reading your blog. You already gave me some nice tips & tricks I could put into practice!
I´m moving into a new huouse these days so I can definitely use pretty much all your organizational posts!! Thanks a lot & enjoy your first day of the weekend!


A semla is a sweet wheat bun which is slightly hollowed out and filled with almond paste and whipped cream. The top is dusted with powdered sugar. Very rich and very delicious.

Neda Blythman

I like the help desk picture very much, it´s a true father and son moment, very nice.


You have great taste - Aussie Wine all the way. I'm an Aussie sitting here at my computer in 40 plus degree heat and humidity having a Dutch beer.


"Ok, if I can't go outside, you can't go outside. I'm holding on to these until you make the snow go away!"

:-)) my cats suffer the same way.
Semla contains whipped cream or?


Yes it does :) And almond paste :)


You take such pretty pictures :)

Vicki K.

I always like your weekly photos. Is the glass in the last photo always frosted or just cold this time? So pretty.


The one with candy is frosted. But it IS still very cold over here, -10 centigrade as we speak. Brrrr...

bridgett | perideau designs

Hi there!

I was just introduced to your blog and instantly fell in love. I actually called my husband to forewarn him that I finally found inspiration for organization. I do have a question, we have really deep pantry cabinets that have a lot of wasted space. Do you have any suggestions on how to overcome it?



January 22nd and 25th are absolutely adorable! My cat, True, does the same thing as Mini with paper. Although, he really only likes papers you are trying to use. January 21st makes me want to cuddle up with my little furball.

You have a beautiful family and a blessed life. You're such an inspiration, you deserve it!


Egads! Are you living in a giant "Snow Cone" or what? If Mini and Bonus go out are they like snowballs when the come inside? Willie looks so grown up and handsome.Techno challenged? Call Willie. He will save the day. Dodge is the go to guy over here. We get laughed at a lot coz we are pretty clueless with our computers.

Marjan Spaander

Ooh, Semlor!!!! We used to live in Sweden (Sigtuna) between '89 and '93 and one of the great things from there I remember are the semlor: Yummie! Any idea if we can get them here in the States (Seattle)? Or do you have a good and hopefully easy recipe so I can attempt making them myself? Tack sa mycket!


Check out this one http://www.recipezaar.com/Swedish-Semlor-131318


Glad you like one of our better "drops" Although I feel obligated to tell you that here in Australia it is affectionately called "Chateau le cardboard" or if you're at uni, wine in a carton is always "goon"...cheers!


We haven't had this much snow in years. It has been constantly cold since mid December with no thawing in between snow falls so it has kept accumulating. Beautiful on sunny weenends but a nightmare when trying to get to work...


I'm so glad you enjoy it here :)

How about something like this that will elevate the things at the back so you can see them? IKEA has some similar ones to I think.
http://astore.amazon.com/chezlars-20/detail/B000KKKRN0, http://astore.amazon.com/chezlars-20/detail/B000KKKRN0, http://astore.amazon.com/chezlars-20/detail/B000KKKRO4

Or build your own out of board (similar to what we did here http://chezlarsson.com/myblog/2008/08/organizing-expe.html or turn plastic bins over and place them at the back?


I love proto from 22nd of January. My cat is also annoyed, it's still snowy and wet outside, and we won't do anything with it, bad bad people. ;)

And could You tell me if it should be so, that I can't see comments underneath your posts?

Greetings from Germany :)


Sorry about that. I sometimes have problems when I reply to comments by e-mail which is much faster than doing it straight in the post. Fixed it though!


Tack Benita för länken till tapeten! Jättekul se ytterligare ett rum med den, jag tycker att den är underbar. Roligt också att du lämnade en kommentar hos mig så att jag hittade till din fina blogg!

Trevlig helg!

Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas

Fun series of fotos! Your kitties are wishing there wasn't so much snow, hehe, while I'm dreaming of some white fluffy stuff here in Las Vegas ; ).


Thank you :)


Well done! The photos are beautiful. Wille looks like Matt Damon in that help-desk photo!


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