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January 07, 2010


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Love the idea of using them mounted on a board as coat hook/jewelry or for curtain tie-backs. Using them for a climbing wall made me laugh out loud - so funny!


I'm for using them as doorknobs, if they can take all the use (aren't they hollow?) - in older homes in the states, at least in Texas where I'm from, it's really common to find "crystal" doorknobs but I think those are solid. I've looked for them here in Sweden but I just don't think the concept exists here :(

Thanks for all the fun Brainstorms, Benita et al!


I would use them for bedknobs

Vicki K.

I like the versatility of adding them around for display but you could also attach two to the ends of a towel rack in the kitchen or bathroom.

Kasey at Thrifty Little Blog

Why not top a super-fancy walking stick :)?


Put them on cork for luxe wine stoppers

just screw them in and secure with apoxy


I love the coat rack idea...but more importantly, no more brainstorms?? Tragic! I love them!


I love that idea!


Bottle stoppers was actually the first idea I had too but then I realised the size of them :)


I did a whole section of wall with mine and use them for coats, hats, purses, etc. It went every well with the wall and made it look like a wall of doors http://geekdetails.com/blog/?p=2071

Perfectly functional too :)


I love the idea of paperweight and of or handles for boxes!


I saw doorknobs used as a means to hang a curtain (ties on the curtain, tied to the mounted knobs). For a stationary look, anyway.


Those are gorgeous! Knobs are fun. I recently bought a knob for four dollars at an antique store but it was definitely worth it.


look my collection



Hi Benita,

i only came across your blog recently and already am an addict! Congratualtions on your creative ideas and final results.
I have a question for you: what program do you use to make these drawings? I need sth to help me drawing as I am a total 0 regarding drawing and a bit dumb when it comes to technology :).


so glad you're enjoting my blog :).

My ex-husband Martin used Illustrator to draw them. I myself use Corel Draw when drawing but have recently tried Google Sketchup which is fairly easy to use and fun. And free :)


They are super!
I would like to have some of them.
Where we can find it? How much it costs?

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