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January 18, 2010


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I like the way you built your fireplace (better: the surrounding of the fireplace). Thanks for sharing.


Oh My! I am amazed at the spectrum of your talents. Building your own furniture, eh? Wonderful. What software did you use for the tutorial? Also, do you use the same for your designs? Your faux fireplace looks perfect.

Lisa Z

Those are some seriously good drawings! You really put some time into your blog, Benita. I won't be building anything like this, but thanks for all you do!


Oh, I should mention that Martin makes the drawings! Will have to add that to the post or I will have no dinner tonight. Martin uses Illustrator to draw them.


Wonderful post! I'm thinking about doing one for my home. Thank you thank you thank you!

(Psss... you forgot the link to the post about how to plug and glue...)


Just checking that you are paying attention :)


Great post, something to keep in mind if we have an new home. I have a question where did you find the little house you have on your fire place? I love it!


I got it at Bath and Bodyworks in the US quite a few years ago around the holidays. It came in red and white in several sizes and I wish I got the other sizes in white too. I love it!

No Way

I love this and your little firebox. It's so cozy! Thanks so much for this, I'll be linking.


I laughed about "faux sounds better than fake"! My mother had a friend who quite sincerely pronounced faux pas as "fox paws" which I love - always thought "charming little red furry feet" is a much nicer image than "error"!


Very nice. I'm also curious about that green and white print you have there. Is that woodblock? I love it!

Jesse Lu

I love the way you've built this... With the mantle it looks so charming, even if it's not wood-burning. And you know what- a flame is a flame. Sure, the crackle and smell of real burning wood can't ever be replaced... but the world is changing and evolving... and being responsible sometimes means opting for something 'faux', like faux fur, faux ivory, faux fire... It doesn't mean these things are not beautiful and romantic just the same. When I get a bigger apartment or my own home, whichever's first, my honey and I are totally gonna buy one of these works.

Jesse Lu

P.S. have you seen this?


I found it about a week ago in a charity shop for $3. It's actually a piece of cotton fabric that has been framed. It depicts scenes from naval town Karlskrona on the south east coast of Sweden. I love it too, the color is "my" green and I love the whimsy of it.


Actually it was the White Barn Candle Company (but still the same company if I remember correctly). I turned it over when I got back home and the sticker was still on.


Oh cute, I'll have to start saying that :)


Nice! I'll have to remeber that this summer, thanks!


Ooh, fabric? Great idea!


Where did you purchase your fox paws fireplace?


It's from JRG Fire. Ours is the Vesta one http://www.jrggroup.com/milano.html

Home automation systems

I care for this plus your small firebox. It's so comfortable! Appreciation so a lot for this, I'll be connecting.


Thank you very much for the inspiration. We built our own one and it looks amazing. Really like the plug´n glue-technique. I´ll stay connected.


So cute! Where did you find the electric fireplace with the white rocks?


It's from http://www.jrggroup.com/milano.html

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