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January 25, 2010


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I'm so glad I wasn't asked to reveal my bag. It's like a big black hole, things sometimes actually disappears in it, never to be seen again. If you look to deep you might too... maybe it is a gateway to a secret country, like Narnia... or maybe just to the city dump.


Benita, I really like the style of your bag. Where did you get it?


Benita, I have 3 jars of Martha Stewart glitter and a jar of glue in my bag. :) Thought you would enjoy! Erin


what plans are you working on for the royal wedding?


Thanks Benita! The most exciting thing in my bag is my snack! And I think your bag is tres girly.
I find the notebook/calendar organization a little complicated sometimes. Some of the small binders with rings combine both the calendar and notebook but create a heavy weight in the bag. The same thing happens with wallets that combine space for many plastic cards, a checkbook, cash/coins - it starts to weigh a ton. I like that your small wallet looks wide enough to fit plastic cards like an i.d.


I'm with Anne -- tell us more about the bag!!


This is such a pretty bag - I want a bag similiar to yours - where did you get it? Is it made of leather?
Btw, I'm proud to tell that the stuff in my bag is minimal like yours (but I always have a book with me!)


What are you using the sunglasses for? I took mine out a couple months ago. I haven't seen the sun since I don't know when, sigh.


Oh my, know I know why my bag is always so heavy...I need to declutter it asap!

Vicki K.

I like the bag too! That is one area I have mastered - by having regular (every other day) clear outs of all the papers that find their way into my bag.

Thanks for your tireless question-answering. It was really fun to read and be able to glean all the great tips. Was there any question that surprised you?


i actually carry National Geographic to read on my way to work, along with my laptop (too heavy to be carried around). i stopped carrying my calendar because it just adds to the weight of the bag, have been thinking about getting an iTouch to replace magazine, planner and pen.
By the way, your bag looks very nice! :)


Aw, I was hoping my comment in your "answer anything" post would show up eventually, but apparently it disappeared into the void. :(

Jennifer S.

Where is your cell phone? My bag (not a "purse" either) has wallet, cell phone, keys, lip balm, hand lotion, gum, a small notebook, pens and tons of small pieces of paper and receipts which I am constantly trying to throw away.


But it's there. Go back and check your comment on Jan 22 at 04:49 pm and my reply at 05:39 :)


Because it was the weekend it was out but it usually goes in the bag too :)


Not really any question in particular but some of them really got me thinking of why I do stuff. Quite therapeutic actually.


I have really sensitive eyes and the winter sun can be really sharp and low here so if it comes out I'm prepared.


I got the bag in a shoe store in Stockholm called Rizzo, it used to be a shoulder bag and I don't like shoulder bags so I had a shoe repair shop shorten the handles for me. Oh, and it's leather.


Schhh.... secret :)


I did, awesome content :)


At a shoe store in Stockholm called Rizzo, it's a few years ago though.


I've got a drink in mine,sometimes 2: water or soda. Reading material and journal. Otherwise, I've got everything else in there too.


I usually carry a small swiss army knife, of which the scissors are the most used feature, although the corkscrew came in handy a couple times over the holidays! This one also comes with a tiny screwdriver that is great for tightening those tiny screws on the arms of ones sunglasses that you discover are about to fall out after you have left the house. I also usually carry a small but decent camera for those spontaneous photo opportunities as well as a tape measure for work. I wish that I had room for an umbrella, but my purse is fairly small.

Benita, do have have more than one bag or is this the only one that you use?


I tend to use the same bag all the time, can't be bothered with moving the contents back and forth but sometimes during summer I switch to a red one or a green one. Also at the mo I have my eyes on a clear Kate Spade one... We'll see...


I have many little makeup bags, none of which has ever containing makeup :)

Would love to see your umbrella unfurled - that is the tiniest one I have ever seen!

The kitty beanbag link reminds me: have you ever done anything with down? I have a down featherbed and two ancient (but beloved) down pillows I would like repurpose somehow (two pillows into one? featherbed made into cat and dog beds?) but I am hesitating to open that "can of worms" and disappear under a storm of wild feathers...


It is tiny! It only just covers me when it's raining but at least I have an umbrella every time it does :)


I like your bag! But amazing how less stuff you keep there! What a small wallet!
I do keep all that plus netbook, make up, ipod, a book, hand cream, my lunch...


I spent so many years searching for the perfect bag that I finally had one custom made to my specifications by a seller on Etsy. I've been using it for about two years now and I still love it!


So it´s realy working - you are realy using the bag you design. I have the exact same problem as you - with the bag. I newer seam to find the perfekt one, nomatter how many I try...
(Sorry if my english is a bit poor I just realised it have been ages since I wrote in english.)

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