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January 27, 2010


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Monica B

This is how we store wrapping paper and the same type of things you've shown here. Makes storage easier and looks better!


Order and also neat order, who can resist?

Pó de Arroz

Maravilhoso! :)


Bravo, Benita. What a great "dumpster dive" find. You always give me good ideas for creative re-use.


What a great idea, and I love that the cans are design objects in themselves. I love your new blog banner by the way--the pops of color interspersed with the white are perfect.


cool idea. I store my wrapping paper in some Rationell Variera by Ikea.
I was a little surprised seeing you using open storing possibilities because I thought you prefer the closed ones. But it's really a good idea. I have a bucket for cleaning utensils, too.


I love your blog, especially all your smart tips about organizing and how-to-keep-it-smart. I started reading your blog almost a year ago, and have started blogging a bit too. It´s so much nice to find here in Bloglandia. I just wanted to say that I like your blog, read it every time you post something new and you´re inspiring me. So many good ideas you come up with! And the best-it´s not always too complicated. Keep up the good work!
And by the way, do you have some shoppingtips for Helsinki? I´m going this weekend.


Welcome to the world of blogging :)
I'm afraid I don't have any shopping tips for Helsinki. Haven't been there for quite a few years...
Anyone else?


I can't tell you how envious I am of your access to your company's basement recycling area. So much fun!

Lorna B

cool find! I use tall laundry baskets the same way but yours also LOOK cool!


I love this idea! And your new blog design is so lovely!


Love it!!! Just one quick question: How do you get this stuff home on your bike?


Love the idea. But won't them take up too much floor space? How about you build some simple shelves to house them? Or, just hang them nicely on the wall.

Love the recycling area at work too. There are always something 'nice' sitting in the hallway, ready to go home with me. =) But the problem is everytime I want something big, I have to go home (by shuttle and train) and drive my car back to pick them up. My house is 16 miles away, and consider Boston's traffic, that's quite a trip. BUT it definitely worth it!


In my front or back baskets. These rode at the front and had an awesome view!
Occasionally I do skip the bike and take the subway if I have something that won't go on the bike :)


Hah! We are also using the same cans as storage bins. :)

Jennifer S.

Your basement at work has a magical dumpster. Jealous!


I know, I only find garbage in the dumpsters I see. You must have the best dumpster on earth in Sweden!


Hej hej..kikar in och lämnar ett litet avtryck. Jag skriver också mycket om inredning i min blogg...just nu massa om formex som var i helgen. Tack inspirationen här hos dig=)

kram Erica



Great ideas! I have a few lonely rolls of wrapping paper hanging around that could use a good mesh trash can for a home. Thanks for the inspiration!

Katherine aka. Urban Flea

i have that exact trash can, and now i'm super-inspired to do something a bit more chic with them. thanks for sharing!

xo katherine aka. urban flea :)


I think I would get arrested for rummaging in the dumpsters of my job. I think it's mostly shredded government documents anyway.. I always feel weird about getting rid of those puffy plastic air bags that come in packages (at least I think that's what I'm looking at in the picture), but I can't justify keeping them around the house. I don't send things in the post very often. What other uses are there for them?


I keep a few for when I send gifts to my mom who lives in a different part of Sweden. We used some to make a space suit for Wille when he was younger and they had a dress up space project at school. It was part of his jet pack :)


Is it possible for you to go by bike in the winter? With lots of snow and frosty temperature? Here the bikers had a lot of trouble.


I don't go by bike in the winter, only End of March until end of September. Can't wait though!


Yeah, I wanna work where you work. The only thing I get from work is a stray empty Xerox copy paper box.


Cool idea. I have wrapping paper stuffed in a grocery sack and is constantly falling over.

erin lang norris

oh! great score. :)

i wish IKEA still made those...i have one and went back for more and now they are square shaped! dang.

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