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January 28, 2010


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What an interesting calendar. I've never seen anything like it here in Canada, and there are one's for families of five? Where would I be able to find these?

Weronica - En mammas dag

I have exactly that one and now I will make lines too :)


the stickers are a wonderful idea. We got a calendar for present and why I don't know there are the holidays etc. in the middle. So I decided that I write my and little one's dates to the left and my husband's to the right.
But maybe I'll add the stickers. Looks really nice.


I have the same problem with light here...although days are going on longer, i think I arrive home later..
Love your calendar idea. I have little stickers, with everyday homeworks, clean, special dinners, go to doctor...etc. It works ok.


I've never seen a calendar like that here in Manila. I really like it... guess I'll just make one myself. :)


I Googled "family calendar column each family member" and found some online. Don't know if any of them are available in Canada but maybe you can find out on the sites. 


Jag har samma problem fast lite annorlunda, jag behöver nämligen 7 kolumner och det finns inte att hitta. Ska se om det kan fungera på ditt sätt, tack för tipset!


Again - genius! :0)


Love it! What do you do when something applies to all three of you? For example, a family outing or holiday? Just curious :) My husband and I currently use digital calendars, but once our family grows, I know we will need something physical in the house for the children to consult (and for me to keep tracking of their crazy schedules).

Love this! Thanks Benita!


Benita, great idea!

And thank you so much for you reply (about Wille's visit in Poland).



I use those five columns although it's only me and my boyfriend. on the left I write down my activities, next column is for work (left side mine, right my bfs) the middle column for bfs activities, 2nd from the right are activities we both take part e.g. family birthdays, party and so on and the last and right column ist for all those birthdays we would miss if there wasn't such a great calendar next to our door :)

next year I'll try the Benita version, because these lousy cartoons on the five columnthingie are not funny..

have a nice friday (maybe with some fresh snow..again..)



Smart idea! I usually buy family calendars with 4 columns (seems usual in UK - maybe we have smaller families!), column 1 & 2 are for myself & hubby, 3 is for household things (insurance renewals, workmen coming in etc) & 4 is for family & friends' birthdays.

Having said that, I got three calendars for Christmas this year & haven't put any of them into use yet! (Perhaps because none of them are of my preferred layout...)


I like that idea! I usually use a regular old calendar and since there are five of us I use a different color highlighter for each person. Yours looks MUCH neater!


I write it large and wide across all the columns or across two if there's two of us doing it together or simply in each one if the two columns aren't next to each other.


Looks great! I don't have a wall calendar, but am getting to the point that I'll need one to track everything. My worry is coordinating with my husband & my digital calendar. The more calendars we have, it seems to me, the easier it will be to miss something because we forgot to enter an appointment on one or the other.

I know someone who prints out each month from her digital calendar, a less visually attractive solution. But then there's still the problem of entering new appointments after you've printed out....

Just Peaches

Great idea! I agree I hate a busy looking calendar. We are a family of five so our calendar looks busy enough when I write on it. I need A LOT of writing space to keep track of everyone's schedule. For a very basic and functional family calendar, I recommend "More Time Moms" in Canada. You can purchase her organizational tools online. Have a peek!


Benita, this is a great tool. I love calendars. Can you tell us where this is from, I would actually like one in German but can do with this I think. Also, do you write the same items in your purse calendar and incorporate into the family calendar. Sometimes I forget to do this and find I have too many calendars going. And then I forget other things!!


Only private things go on this one. My purse calendar contains mostly work related things and a few private ones I need to remember at work if you see what I mean :).
The calendar is from Burde www.burde.com This is the one I have http://www.burde.com/kalendrar/vaggkalendrar_kontor/lilla_manadskalendern. I don't recommend using foreign ones though. The national holidays don't correspond which is super annoying. Believe, me I've tried. There is an international page on the Burde site though so maybe they have your version.

Lorna B


Mrs Howard Info

Wonderful! Thank you!

ana v.

Great Idea!


Good idea! I should get at my calendar with a ruler and a pen as well. And I'll say I understand about the darkness! It's dark when I leave for work, it's dark when I come home, I'm beginning to forget what the sun looks like. Time for spring, yes?


Thanks Benita.


I have the similar one, only I do have column for my two cats - every cat has her own with notes like immunization, vet, buy new big pack of food for cats or canned shopping for them. Then couple of times per year deworm, their birthdays :-)


Ordning & Reda har en väggkalender med just 3 kolumner, ett tips för nästa år :)


Jag hade den förra året men tyckte det var väldigt smala rader... Jag vet, hur petig får man va?! :)

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Thanks for this post. It helped me a lot. Btw How you get ideas for such posts.


I like that! And, I SO agree. I needed a family calendar and had to settle for the ugliness that is the Boynton calendar, which the kids like, but I find SUPER ugly. I think I will copy that idea next year, and simply make my own custom calendar instead. :)

Trisha Harp

If I had seen that calendar - I may have ordered one myself . . . it is exactly the layout I would enjoy. I recently found a FREE calendar ONLINE that is working really well for my family - www.Casablast.com. Between the online calendar, todo's and text message reminders - it has been exactly what we needed!! YEA


So I found your blog the other day and I've been looking back at your older posts and admiring your house on flickr. It's pretty, keep it up!

I would like to know where you bought your stickers? Although I doubt I could purchase them all the way from Canada ..


I think I got them in the States but I'm not sure. It was years ago...

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