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January 26, 2010


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Sometimes with a little simple frame prints result to look better.
Love that blue-green colour of them.


Cute! They're like an exclamation mark there in the all-white laundry room.

Account Deleted

c'est super sympa!

I sometimes use mini binder clips, as self-standing photo/postcard holders :)


Wow, clever! You're so imaginative!

Monica B

Cute and clever for sure!


I really like the no-frame frame. It is the least cluttered look.
Benita, I have a question about your computer bookmarks. I re-read your post from the other week about how you organize them - your categories are so applicable.
You said that at times you just purge the bookmarks.
I have hundreds (even more) and to weed through them I go through each one to see if it is still timely, relevant, wanted, etc.
Do you just purge them all - figuring if they haven't been used they aren't wanted (kind of like things left in basement boxes) or do you go through each and then purge?


What a clever, clever idea! I also have used black construction paper and put the plexiglass over it and then used opaque dry-erase markers to make a cheap message board. Never thought of putting a picture in there though.


They look great! What a creative idea :)


The first thing I thought when I saw the images: "Portraits of Benita and Martin in the "early days" - how sweet!"

It amazes me sometimes that people I only "know" from their blogs become as familiar in some ways as my "real life" friends. It's a little bit magical :)


I know! It is!


What a great idea! Thank you for sharing. I now know what to do with a print that I have wanted to frame but didn't have a frame for.

Personally speaking at "RaisinToast"
Professionally speaking at "Red Easel"


They look so clean and modern! I love the effect. Thanks for the creative idea!

Vicki K.

The office clips put the finishing touch on those frameless prints - very nice.


I don't wait until there are a hundred but I do go through each one :) Usually 90% can go...
Maybe you can set a goal to weed out twenty at a time and sort the ones you want to keep in new folders while you're at it?


So cute! Do tell, what is Perspex?


Plexi glass, acrylic sheet


Kjempe-søte!!! Og den nye headeren din er sååå fin!



This is such a great idea. I have a couple of prints without frames and I should have those clips lying around as well. Thanks for sharing!


How chic & easy!
Couldn't beg for more.
Maybe only a craft for a foolproof person like me.


Hi, I just saw your framing method and love the look. Just a quick question: how thick is the perspex you are using? I will need to order the perspex somewhere online but haven't a clue how thick it has to be to be able to stand up.


These are 3mm thick.


thanks for your quick reply - will get on the case. Enjoy the weekend!

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