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February 25, 2010


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Very helpful, thanks! :)


P.S. I don't understand the difference between cameras so I'm nervous about buying one for $800 and wishing I'd bought one that was $400. This is the one I was considering:


Do you think it's worth the money, or should I go with the one you have, which is about $200 less?

I think the one I selected comes with a "kit"...though I don't know what that means exactly! lol

Any help would be appreciated :)


A very informative and helpful post...:D Thank you Benita x

Eternal*Voyageur @ Venusian*Glow

A tip: the canon A720IS is not being produced anymore. It´s replaced by the A1100 and A1200 but these are downgrades rather than upgrades (they have no manual control). The camera that can take the place of A720 is the SX120 or the SX200. SX200 has more zoom, and is smaller, but we went for the SX120 because it uses AA batteries and the battery life is much longer than the lithium-ion battery of the SX200


Great tips! My husband is the amateur photographer in our family, but this has given me food for thought about doing my own professional pics.

Could I ask what online photography course you did?



Thanks for the info!


There's a link to the person in the post, but unfortunately her classes are only in Swedish. If heard a lot of good about this class though: http://susannahconway.com/e-courses


Kit means that you get the 18-55mm lens included. Without the lens you just get the housing and you won't be able to use it alone. A reason for not gettin the kit is if you want an different lens. It's usually more expensive to buy the housing and the lense separate though.

As for the one you're considering it seems to be a newer version of mine. I don't know what new features there are. Anyone else know?


Can you tell there's no spell check in the comments? I keep mistyping when I'm in a hurry...


I use Picnik and it is super easy!

Sarah Sarniak

Thanks for sharing. I'd love to get a camera like that one day. Very cool


Wonderful post! Funny, I use a point 'n shoot Canon and hubby has the Pentax Optio (non-waterproof). Oh, could the fish be this (it's called a streaked gurnard): http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3178/2937536969_57160bd2ac.jpg?v=0

Benita, do you have a macro lens that allows very close-up shots, like of flowers or insects? Do you ever use a telephoto for far-away shots, like for birds, wildlife, etc? I'm saving money for a nice camera and lenses that will let me do these things. Pricey but I've heard good things about the Eos.

Off topic: Love your hair short!! Do you like it better than the longer hair you had? Mine's long enough now to clip it back out of my face, but it's fine and stringy so I'm thinking I may go short. Do you think you could get Martin or Wille to shoot a side and back view of your haircut to post!?!?! Would love to see it. Thanks!


Very good info and tips. Do you compress your photos before uploading them to your blog? Some blogs take f-o-r-e-v-e-r to load photos but in your blog all of the photos display very quickly. Thanks!


I don't have a macro lens but the 18-55mm works pretty well for close encounters with bugs! I have an old tele for the T50 and I've heard you can use it for the DSLR too but you need to manually focus. Will try that sometime!

About the hair, I had an appointment to cut it on Monday but because I was snowed in I had to cancel. The new appointment is a week from today. It's way too long at the back now so keep trying to smooth it down with my hands so it doesn't turn up over my collars. I love it short though, so much easier and I feel relly good in it. Maybe after I cut it I'll sit on a swivel chair and twirl in front of the webcam for you?! :)


My photos are pretty big, 1-5 MB each but Typepad resizes them for me. That basically means that while it can take some time for me to upload them you can view them right away :)


what a helpful and informative bit of info here. thank you.


benita, your haircut is fabulous.


I use the Canon rebel as well and have been using the AV setting as well. It is so easy to get great shots with this. I too just fiddle with the amount of light I need. I had a friend show me in about ten minutes and it has made a world of difference. It's made me lazy though, as I haven't felt the need to learn any more. Maybe it's time. I simple use my Mac's iphoto feature and I have all the photo improvement I need. I am very happy with the kit lens, my project 365 is proof in the pudding.
Thanks for the post Benita,
Loving my Canon Rebel,


Ack! I asked Benita about her camera the other day, and she said her point-and-shoot was the A720IS. I noticed it wasn't available, so I ordered the A1100IS. It hasn't even arrived yet, and I already have a downgrade ;-)

I think it will work for me, since I was just looking for a good compact camera I can carry in a small purse. (My bigger-and-better Canon doesn't get used as much as it should because I don't want to haul it around.)


My link above wasn't working in the comment above, but if you want to check out some photos from the Rebel from someone who only started three months ago this link should work.

Sweetchic Events

Wow, I didn't realize the Canon Rebel is so compact! I always pictured it to be bigger and clunkier. May need to invest in one of those soon...

And I looove your pictures!


So, did you ever find out what the type of fish was? ;-)
One question to Will or Martin if I may: how deep can that camera go? I'm going to do a lot of scuba diving (max. 18 m deep) in the near future and would love an underwater camera that doesn't break the bank, and it seems too good to be true, but if this one can go below a few meters, I'd be over the moon...

urban flea

cool! thanks so much for sharing your little tools with all of us! hope your week is going well my dear!

xo urban flea :)


They did find out!

The optio we have only goes down 3 meters (almost 10ft) but there are newer version like the W60 (4 meters/13 feet) and the W80 (6 meter/19ft).


The fish is a flying gurnard


Thanks for the help! :)


I have the Canon A720IS, but my photos are still rotten! Oh well - at least all it takes is battery power to practise!


Off topic, your haircut looks really cute :)


I own a point and shoot. A Panasonic DMC FZ-28. I am very happy with it.
I used to own a analog slr. I kept buying lenses and had to carry around a big bag. I don't want that anymore, so I bought the Panasonic. Maybe when the Panasonic is old and I can keep myself from buying additional lenses I will buys a dslr


Hooray for Canon! I loved my original PowerShot A510 and was so sad when it died. (I bought another Canon.)

All my shots are from my point-and-click Canon: http://www.flickr.com/photos/sfc/sets/


Thank you for sharing these tips.


Thanks that was helpful! :)
I really want to get a waterproof camera or maybe just a special waterproof case you can get for some cameras for when I go on holiday. That fish video by Wille is pretty cool!
By the way... really random question but how do you pronounce the name Wille? I have been wondering for a while! Is it like Will or Willy or Will-aiy? Just wondering because I've never seen it before! :)


His name is actally William but over here it's pronounced Vill-ijam. We never ever call him that though. I've tried several times to find something that rhymes to how we pronounce Wille but I can't. I think the closest is probably Vill-EH.


Oh cool! Nice name. thanks for answering my random question!


I think Willie's fish is a goby. Which of the many varieties of goby? That I don't know.


I once saw you talk about a flash cover/screen. Where can I find that again, please?
Love your blog


I think you mean the Lightscoop. Here it is: http://chezlarsson.com/myblog/2012/01/lightscoop-love.html

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