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February 17, 2010


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what a huge difference! I can't believe it!

Yesterday I wanted to adapt the "paper in clear box" sorting but the affordable boxes I wanted to buy were sold out *sigh*. Next time...


Wow - I actually said "Oooh!" out loud when I saw that after picture. Great job, Chrystelle and Benita! I was proud of the makeover I just did on my own closet, but after seeing this I think I need to tweak it a little more :)


Wow! Well done, Chrystelle!
I love the trade with the husband, too. ;-)


Ojojoj vilken skillnad. Riktigt bra blogg du har!



Fantastic after! Am feeling inspired to sort out my 40 (yes 40) shelves in the playroom now. Uniform storage seems to be the key.


Wow! What a transformation. Where is the curtain fabric from, please?

Lilla huset på prärien

Åhhh... du är fantastisk! Och du ger mig så dåligt samvete! Jag borde också organisera mig lite bättre :)

Ha en bra dag!
/ J


Vilken ordning! Är inte som här hemma precis nu när vi har börjat packa för flytten:) Ha det så bra!


Inspirerende:)) Flott gjort:)

ana v

you are a great tacher!

ana v

Sorry... teacher

Cheryl Jaeger

Amazing! I have a craft room "annex," as it is lovingly referred to, that needs some tlc. Thanks for the inspiration.


Now THAT is impressive! Just like you envisioned, only better.
Love your banner, BTW!

Sarah Sarniak

WOW! This looks incredible. What an amazing transformation. I'm jealous of all the sewing machines she has too. lol


Great work! I was thinking to myself that the first photo wasn't that bad, then wow! Amazing. I also love that shelving and use the chrome version in my family's toy room.


What an inspirational after!

Katie Grant



Fabulous!! I love befores and afters. So glad Chrystelle sent in photos.


Great organization, so calming. I am intrigued by the number of sewing machines.


Juat like your vision Benita. Cute, and great job.


GREAT JOB! i would paint the inside walls with a nice pop of color just to make it look more appealing and fun :)


Hi Benita,
The curtain was a bedsheet from Target! I sewed a casing in the hem. I bought all but two sewing machines and the serger at rummage sales or thrift shops never paying over 25 dollars. The fact is that my husband bought me the rest in order to start a business when he had cancer...but, Thank God, he is well! I have just kept up the Etsy sewing shop and charity quilting. Also give machines to friends and family whom I teach to sew! Plus!...a really great thing is I give to World Vision the amount of a sewing machine to keep women in a business and out of the slave trade! Without your help I could have never envisioned this room organization!


"I love the fact that she traded the shelving unit (looooove metro shelving btw) with her husband. I can see them negotiating :)"


And, great job Benita and Chrystelle!


I love it. Great job!

Cara @ Live the Home Life

Great work! You've left me craving a cleaner closet.


Grön av avund...


SIX sewing machines?!?! Lucky duck.


What a transformation! Thank you for sharing!


Stacey K

You just need to make covers for your machines & it would be even more better!

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