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February 08, 2010


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Thank you for this post, it's very useful and I will apply it to my bookcases right away.


We had a GREAT weekend here in Louisiana--Saints won the Super Bowl! I love the information you've provided here--especially the tip about lining up the shelves across the three units. Your designer "eye" is amazing. Thanks for all the great instructions today!!

Cheryl Jaeger

I LOVE seeing creative spaces! Thanks for sharing. I'll look forward to future posts about this space.


Thank you so much, Benita. This is my favorite kind of post. I have a formerly neat & organized bookcase that is now getting cluttered. I am going to tidy it up this week, using your principles.


This post was great! Specific and helpful!


These are great ideas, and I'm sure applicable to many more than Chrystelle! Thank you, and I'm looking forward to your other posts on this already!


Awesome tips, thanks!!!


Great post and excellent advice! Can't wait to see what else you have in store for de-cluttering the space.


Love these kind of posts, showing a real house with a problem, then your ideas to fix it, and can't wait to see the afters. Will Chrystelle be showing us afters?

Can't wait to see the rest of the room also.

What font do you use on your blog?



also i definitely think heaviest and biggest stuff , even things that just look heavier or bigger, should go down the bottom.. gives the illusion of it being weighted down and balanced.

Amy Hadley

Great point about not putting all your cherished items out at once, but rotating them instead. Respectful and constructive... Will definitely use that one with organizing clients!
And love love love your blog, and your sweet family, Benita!


Congrats! I've seen quite a few "Wohoooo!"s on Twitter and Flickr too :)


The font in the header is Courier Std. The rest is Tahoma. I like both because they are so simple.


I agree! It's like dressing a Christmas tree I always tell our shop staff. You don't put the largest decorations at the top but on the lower branches :)


Thanks! Love simple clean fonts too.


great tips!


Thanks so very much, Benita! I am busy working with your suggestions along with my cat, Purl, helping me sort the ephemera and ribbons. I'm so glad to have your doable ideas illustrated for me. So many of the books, magazines and blogs that have ideas for organizing are "cluttered" with the same uninspired plans, but you (and your award winning sponsor) always provide excellent steps, charts, and patterns in your distinctive style. I love to see your before and after photographs, and will of couse show you mine if you wish. I'm a bit embarrassed, but so grateful for your Chez Larsson organizing advice!


You are so welcome :). And please don't be embarrassed. We're good at different things. I suck at cooking...


Well done to you both, and awesome job Martin. You must be feeling great. Thanks for those tips Benita, they are really useful and practical.


Great suggestions and I hope Chrystelle sends through an 'after' shot! I love afters.


Thanks for this posting. I learned a lot! And congratulations on your new addiction!


Do we get to see the after shot? I think those are excellent suggestions and I would love to see how it looks with all those things done. Craft things are so hard to organize. Mine are not even organized that much.

bec shulba

wow - great ideas. i hope crystelle will show us her "after" photos!

Jane Logan

All great ideas and I will definitely use them too!

These photos reminded me of those I Spy children's books where you have to find things on a busy page like 3 keys, a box, 1 paper clip, a small train and a doll!!! Anyway keep up the good work!

Environment Sustainable Living

Thank you for this post, it's very useful and I will apply it ....


This is the most practical, realistic organizing advice I've every seen. Thank you so much! I can definitely see applications for myself here.

Cara @ Live the Home Life

Excellent organizational tips! You've inspired me to tackle my own space.



This is SUCH a great post and you are so brilliant at this sort of thing. Thank you!

P.S. When is your book coming out? (Hint, hint.)


Great tips! Love your blog! You make every little task turn into a passionate hobbie with so much good taste and creativity. Huge inspiration for me and my compulsive organizing and (re)decorating.


I hope Chrystelle will send some :)


Just did this to two clear containers in my bathroom - it makes such a difference! Great idea.


I'm so happy to have found your blog! This post is especially helpful—I have 3 IKEA Billy bookcases in the study that are all open like these are.

There are 2 rooms I really do want/need to organize (one is even cleared out + has a fresh coat of white on the walls,) but I haven't been able to adequately take it all on myself. I'll work on some part of it for a while, but then get overwhelmed and avoid the job. How I wish you made house calls : D

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