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February 10, 2010


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Great ideas, Benita! My husband just took a 97 inch white piece of laminated MDF surface out of his art studio as it was taking up easel space in the window light! It already has multi plug strips on it for cords, so would work for my pc and sewing machines. I was wondering what you thought of recycling that surface for the desktop, and the end table that the television is now on for a support rather than the leg you mentioned?

Actually the cutting table is standing height. It looks like a chair there, but that is a bar stool height. The table has a dropleaf that is the same size as the one that is up, and a leg that snaps beneath to support it. I'm so happy that people are so responsive to this post. It is, as they have said, so practical!


Reusing the laminated MDF sounds great and if the end table is at a good height is's definitely a good idea to use that as a support and you'll have storage too :)

Carolyn Style

Thanks for these posts - they are fantastically useful. You are so good at combining good organizing ideas, ways to make things pretty, and thriftiness/reuse, then explaining it all very clearly.


I am really enjoying this series on your blog and hope to see similar endeavors every other month or so. I especially love how each job (area) being it's own post. Now this huge undertaking is very manageable. Other loves?

1. You repurposed most of her things. I don't know about your other readers, but I often look at newly "organized rooms" on those DIY shows and wonder if they even met the owners, let alone considered what they REALLY did in those rooms. (Peter Walsh is an exception here)
2. You explained the reasoning of replacing the desk. Once again, those DIY show rarely explain the purpose of replacing items. Often the replaced items on those shows are updated prettier versions of what was already in the room.
3. You considered how the items functioned in the area. Sliding the sewing machine across the table is shear genius! I do have to ask by soft pads do you mean felt pads?

Thanks so much for sharing with us our here in blogland. :)


I did mean felt pads. As I was preparing this post last night I couldn't for the life of me remember what they were called. Felt pads. Felt pad. Felt pads!


It's so much fun seeing you, the perpetual organizer, in action. I appreciate the reasoning behind changes you propose. This makes all the difference in grasping the concept, learning the principles and then applying them in ones' own environment. Thank you for that.

Anne Alagna

I was thinking that TV is probably small enough that she could mount a rounded shelf in the corner above the table top and stick it up there, clearing up much more working surface.


I raised the table in my craft room (it was my old kitchen table and I wanted higher for crafting) by putting four regular old house bricks underneath each leg.
To pretty them up I wrapped them first in felt, then covered in fabric that co-ordinated with the room!
Hope you like this suggestion.

I love your blog, its one of my daily fixes!...

Katherine aka. Urban Flea

lovely post as always! you've definitely inspired me to get my craft room in order as well. hope you're having a great week my dear!

xo urban flea :)

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