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February 03, 2010


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Wow, Benita, that is really cool. Thanks a lot!!!!

On Saturday, we will start with painting the walls.
Next week, when we are finish - we begin with this "project".

Many thanks to Martin, too!!!!

What programm do you use for this great draft????

I will make photos from the result!

Greetings, Denise


You are very welcome :)
Martin draws these in Adobe Illustrator. I look forward to photos!

Purple Area

Great idea, like the little bedside tables!!

Lisa Z

You and Martin make a great team! This is so great and generous of you two, all these drawings and help for your blog readers!

Carmen - El blog de un poco de todo

Brilliant as always. What about hanging bedside lamps too?. I am not sure about the name but I mean the ones you put over the tables adjusted to the wall(sorry about my english).


Benita, this is very impressive.

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