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March 30, 2010


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Great things you´ve found - I liked all three, but in different ways.

The winner for me in the end was the soft theme; mainly because I could live with those colors for longer in my own home. The bright theme appeal though I´d get tired faster - and the natural theme is lovely but a bit boring to me. And yet I like all three, so if I had three bathrooms at home I just might try this out! :-D


Amazing laundry basket! How do you open it? I would go, as I assumed earlier - for bright.
But would choose glass shower door rather then curtains. I love the feeling of really scrubbing my tube in order to feeling the cleanliness. Curtains are now in my bathroom because of a space problem and I hate this sticky wet feeling on my legs I get during showering and having curtain around me or on my body.
Plus I don't like to take them all the time up and down (because it is very high and very hard to reach) and I have to - having white curtains. In my last apartment I had something like this and loved it.




You could move this door backwards and forwards or fold together when not using.

It was very easy to clean, with window squeegee in one minute clean and dry.

Monica B

Egentligen gillar jag den "softa" kombinationen bäst, men jag kan bara inte med lila, så jag röstar på naturfärgerna. (Änglavingarna är ju för söta!)

Jennifer S.

Oh I like the bright theme a lot. The colors excite me, and I like that you used black and white with them. I would use it in a bathroom for my teenagers with out a second thought, but I think my favorite is still the natural theme.


I have the fifth one when I was young never thought gonna see here and looks so different.


Like that laundry basket. I have feeling that you can find it in Thailand some tradition market.


For a smoker like me I believe 7 is the best choice.


Just going by the accessories, I personally prefer the natural look. But with how sterile this bathroom is, I voted for bright. It needs some punch/lift!


I just voted for the natural theme, but I must say - they are all really lovely, and as always, with a superb eye for detail!


I agree. The style of the cabinets and sink dictates more modern accessories, plus the colours would be more uplifting in the long, dark Icelandic winter. I would also add a couple of colourful, twisty pile throw rugs from Ikea, (you know the ones that I mean) for in front of the sink and the shower / toilet.


I love all three and can't actually vote. If I had a house with three bathrooms, I'd actually probably do one of each!

Lilla huset på prärien

åh vad kul med badrum! vi håller också på. hoppas på att bli klar snart. ska börja bygga till lite också... sådär en 125 kvm :)

länkar till dig i inlägget idag! och lånar dina bilder... hoppas ok...

kram J

zjc :)

I have been reading your blog for a very long time and i really love it!! I love every single post, and at work when i get very stressed out i come on ur blog and relax by looking at all the beautiful things (this is not a joke i seriously de-stress here) Thank you :)...O and all the bathrooms options are great!

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