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March 23, 2010


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This is very helpful Benita, thank you. I look forward to an after picture. I have a similar space that seems to always get away on me. An aside, Since you seem to have been feeling frustrated by your late spring, my post today should make you feel better about your situation.
Take care,


Oooooo, excellent ideas! I will get to work on the areas as soon as I return from vacation in New York. :)

Will send after pics when I am done.

Thank you Benita! :))


Maureen, about 80% of my little house looks like your trouble zone!

Great ideas as always, Benita. And I love the wooden box! Someday I really must go to IKEA. The nearest one is 2 hours away, so it's a whole-day trip.


I love these kinds of posts! I get so many ideas out of them! Thank you, Benita!


This is just so good. So much inspiration and energy. I like! More of international inspiriation I usually find on http://www.hoom.se but this will be another favorite.

Take care!



Great post! And finally I found the white bucket and mop in the Ikea website - it's a 2 hours drive from where I live but will certainly be in my wishlist... I've been flirting with a label maker - I think it's expensive for our budget - but I'm starting to think it's a great help.

Lanny Stanard

I was goona say... that's not your corner :) good luck!

Lanny Stanard

I meet to say gonna... LOL


These are my favorite posts because I learn so much.But i'm still confused with my own situation.There are no closets in my house except the bedroom closets.Is there a way to store mops and brooms and paper and soda cans out in the open?


You could use a lot of these things out in the open too but you just need to be a bit more diciplined :).I always make sure everything visible is nice to look at. Not necessarily pretty but nice and white. Instead of a red and blue mop and broom get two in white and the attention is taken away from them. Get a nice looking trash can instead of just a trash can. I like these for recycling. They stack which is great. http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/90076364


That's exactly my situation - no pantry, no laundry room...

Meredith from Penelope Loves Lists

Love your plan, Benita. Keeping my fingers crossed that we'll see the "after"!

Fröken Prickig

Ska bli kul att se "efterbilder"! Fler människor borde uppskatta ORDNING, ibland verkar det som man ska skämmas lite när man är ordningssam... Tycker städredskap i skrika färger är... usch... köpte en vit electrolux-dammsugare för ett tag sedan och den är jättefin:)

madie @ southphillyrenovation

Thank you for this great advice! I am planning on using the entryway down to our basement as a storage area for mops, brooms, etc. I love the broom and brush holder. I am definitely inspired!


Was there ever a follow up on this? Would be interesting to see how she put some of your ideas to work!


No follow up yet :)

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