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March 09, 2010


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These ideas look great. I would love a fire place like that.

I just wanted to let you know I've linked to your blog today. I give fare warning though, the post has very frightening pictures of horrific clutter. Visit at your own risk.

Take care,

London Mummy

Well, if it were my space I would get rid of the faux fireplace and the wall mounted tv above it and go down the projecter route - the windows provide enough of a focal point, assuming the view out to the backyard is/will be lovely :)

The newly discovered fireplace I would have skimmed and painted in with the rest of the room, white is good for me too :) I would have chunky shelves built into it for books and display, incorporating recessed lighting strips into the underside of the shelves.

The new sofabed would be in it's original position facing the windows at a right angle to the newly built in chunky shelves. The wall between the windows where the faux fireplace was could be used to project the tv when required. I would place the chair to the left of the newly discovered fireplace.

Finally, for a dining table I would use a split console table along the left hand wall with another Eames chair (if the budget will allow) to the side of it, when not in use it's a console/display table but when required the hinged flap lifts up to turn it into a dining table, easy to do even when it is just Letitia and her husband, they wouldn't need to clear the display at the back of the console and they would utilise the two Eames chairs. A lovely big mirror above it would reflect even more light into the room.

Assuming the window seats have storage beneath, I would store away the folding chairs inside until required.

I too would get rid of the Ikea cabinet.

Well that's my two pence worth, looking forward to seeing everyone's suggestions.



i love the dogs in the floor plan haha


I like the proposed layout, however, I think the room definitely needs an accent wall. Cole & Son have a beautiful turquoise, white and gold pattern called Istambul which would look amazing on that wall. I would keep the remaining walls as pure white as well.

Tanna @ Complete Organizing Solutions

I say paint the brick. If it were all the brown brick to the left it might look nice but the red brick, not so much. Not a great color to work with. I lvoe the idea of putting the TV there.


Paint the brick! And the idea for a second matching table is genius=)

Vicki K.

Love the doggy-planners! I'd paint the fireplace because of the Clean Factor. Someone who has a brick fireplace mentioned to me that it is a dust generator and keeper.

I like the TV in the fireplace. When you didn't want it to show you could use a solid type screen or even hang fabric with a tension rod to conceal it.


hej hej=)

Åh, det kommer bli GRYMT!

Jag skriver ju också om inredning, ikväll börjar jag med en kategori som heter inspirerande bostäder och först ut är VÄRLDENS coolaste lyxyacht!! Åh, när jag såg den önskade jag verkligen att jag vore miljardär, hehe...

Kramar från mig!


I'd definitely paint the bricks! As Vicki K has already stated - it just 'creates' dust - and, I don't know if I'm the only one who feels this way, but the way bricks feel when you touch them gives me goosebumps and paint definitely sorts that out too... weird, huh?


I wanted to comment on your blog but wasn't able to for some reason. So far it seems you've accomplished a lot! Good job on weeding all that out!


I know, cute huh?! Too bad there weren't any kitties...


I hear there's a clear matte sealant that can be used to eliminate the "dusty" feel.

Love the idea of screening the TV!


Brilliant ideas, Benita! I love the idea of painting the brick. We have a similar color red brick fireplace (UGH!) that is monopolizing a living room wall and darkening the mood of the room so we are going to paint it and the walls white. I suppose we will have to prime a lot so that the clay of the brick does not bleed through in the painting process.
I very much like the idea of putting the TV in the newly revealed spot and facing the couch toward it. Letitia says the couch currently faces west? Wouldn't that make the sun setting shine directly into their eyes while watching TV?
If the fireplace were more tall and they needed room for overnight guests I would have designed a disguised "Murphy bed"!


I would definitely paint the brick the same color as the walls, but I wouldn't put the TV in there. I agree with London Mummy about putting shelves in the empty space. Personally I would try to make it look like something other than a former fireplace.


Thanks Benita. Now if only I had your organizational gene. Thankfully you write a blog and have given me a some great ideas. So I'll keep working at it.


I agree. Paint the brick. I'd also remove the faux fireplace & substitute a bookshelf/storage/desk situation there.

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Love this floor plan.

Deirdre G


Thank you so much for featuring my dilemma and for all your creative suggestions. I will keep you posted on how things work out for us and will send pictures once we are done.

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Interesting read. I will have to bookmark it for later.

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