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March 25, 2010


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It's people like you that make the world a better place! Hopefully they'll have their natural feeding supply in no time.


It's good that you cut them up in smaller pieces..
They can't actually eat the big pieces, like fallen apples, you've got to cut them smaller....


Oh, really?! I just thought I was being silly :) Good to know!


Thank you for doing this :-)


It is nice to feel like you are making a difference. Do you normally have trouble with deer in your garden, or do you plant varieties that deer don't normally bother with?


We do unfortunately. Those sweeties in my photos eat my tulips almost every spring... I try to get out early in the season and smear the treas with some vile smelling gunk I buy and also throw out garlic cloves but they usually beat me to it. Unfortunately they and I have the same taste in flowers, I'm not fond of the deer repellent varieties I'm afraid...


I think they will prefer the veg to the breads - probably more digestible for them, as well. And cutting them into chunks - or even smaller pieces - is the way to go, for sure. :)

Now, do you have any advice for discouraging the black bear that was bumping around on my screen porch last night? It came over a 6-foot wire fence to get there, and was probably discouraged to find only boxes of books and my summer lanterns. But since the Poultry Palace is only a few yards away, I fear the bear will be back for another visit :(


We had deer venturing up into our yard this winter because of the 50 inches that fell within a one week period. I threw apples out to them and later I saw a squirrel up in a tree with one of the apples. Grrr. The snow is all melted now and the herd seems to have fared okay. There is one deer with a broken leg who only runs on three legs now, but she keeps up.

Gail J Richardson

Love the pictures of the deer and the snow. What a great place to live. It looks like a very peaceful place. Great pictures


OMG, a bear?! Sorry, I have no experience, luckily...

Small Garden Ideas

I really love seeing deers especially this close. My aunt used to own a farm that has deers and believe me they are truly amazing to look at in person.


I love seeing this! And yes, deer in the states love to eat tulips too. I've given up and only have daffodils for the early spring now, and the deer leave those alone. They also won't touch bleeding hearts, another spring favorite of mine.


Nice picture of the deer! :)

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