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March 31, 2010


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Jag älskar din blogg! Vi har exakt samma problem och har provat alla möjliga tricks. Jag undrar två saker: Var köper du velcron? Lämnar den några märken på parketten om man behöver ta bort den?

Tacksam för svar!

Ha en bra dag!/mrsjling


Jag minns inte exakt var jag köpte sist men jag tror det var på Åhléns tygavdelning (metervara) eller i en sybehörsaffär. Jag vet faktiskt inte om det blir märken kvar. När jag fått klibbmärken av annat (t ex möbeltassar som halkat snett) på min parkett så tar jag bort dem med lite limborttagningsmedel och sen snabbt torkar av ytan med en fuktig trasa med diskmedelför att lösningsmedlet inte ska hinna gå ner i lacken. Om det blir lite matt efteråt tar jag lite möbelpolish (den heter American tror jag)på stället. Ser lite extra blankt ut ett tag men det jämnar snart ut sig när man gått där.

OBS! Om du är superrädd om ditt golv så testa detta trick i stället http://www.marthastewart.com/good-things/securing-rugs

El blog de un poco de todo - Carmen

I do the same and, as you say, is the best solution.


Tack Benita för snabbt svar! Ska kolla med mannen vilket av dem vi testar först. Toppen! Äntligen är vårt jobbiga problem löst. (min man brukar tokstryka mattan utan resultat...hehe).


Miljoner tack för tipset Benita! Det är så frustrerande med kanter som viker sig upp.


OMG this is a great idea! I love your blog. I keep coming back for more.



I must admit I did think: what is that black hole in the back??
Smart solution. And it looks really neat!


Are you worried about the adhesive marking your wood floor? We had a worker tape down some brown paper to protect our floors. They used blue painters tape. A few days later when they pulled the paper up, the tape left marks, basically ruining my floor! I hope your floor is OK.


I'm not worried about ours but if you have super precious new floors and are worried you could try this version instead http://www.marthastewart.com/good-things/securing-rugs.

Kelly B



I have this exact same problem right now and it is driving me nuts! Thanks!


I agree with everyone, what a brilliant idea. Unfortunately my hallways are all slate. Hmm...it may still work.


Genius! We've got a white rug whose corners look like they are about to take off! Must execute this handy tip. Thanks, M in Scotland

Annie @ Make Do, Live Well

This is a great idea not only for curling ends, but for any lightweight rug that just won't stay put!

I will try this. Thanks!


you're better than martha!!

Worldwide Tapestries

Thanks for the very neat tip. It saved the mat from moving as well as those dog eared edges!


Great idea! My rugs are always moving.
Your post made me think of telling you about how I hang pictures. We have concrete plaster walls and putting a nail in them is a real pain. So I use the same procedure you use for your rugs to hang my pictures. You can easily change them around and can place the female part in different places on the back of the frames.


Ha, great minds think alike :) I have a post on a smiliar use lined up for next week!


Any ideas on securing a area rug on carpet? The carpeting in the house we're renting makes our big area rugs crawl and buckle. Short of buying the really expensive pads (which may or may not even work), is there anything that we can do? Do you think your velcro idea would work? My husband (only half jokingly) wants to just nail them in place, but I'll roll them up and store them before I let him put nails through my rugs!

Ana O.

What a great idea! I have two young cats that run around all morning chasing each other (and basically driving me nuts!) and the rugs are all over the place. I use double face carpet tape to secure them to the floor, but after a while the glue just wears off and the rugs start moving again, plus it's really annoying to take them out so I can clean the floor. Your idea may just have saved my life! ;-)


Sorry, I don't but I'd try a pad. Ikea have cheap rug pads. http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/90132261


Thank you so much for the Ikea tip! I wouldn't have thought to look there for the pads (even though I look there first for so many other things)! I just checked on them via your link, and they are way cheaper than anywhere else. I'll definitely give that a try. Thanks again, and Happy Easter!

feather bed

SUCH a good idea!!!!

Tricia Rose

I have seen somewhere a flat-weave rug held down all the way around with domed upholstery tacks, and it looked wonderful, if a little OCD.


You can also superglue a heavy duty washer to the edge that flies.


I just found this online and it worked better than anything I have tried in the past. It was from CurlStop.com. This way nothing sticks to my floors!! There are 4 to a pack too! www.curlstop.com

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