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April 30, 2010


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Looks like a very beautiful garden. I used to have such botanical prints in my room as a child. Lovely :-)


Linnaeus wallpapered his entire bedroom at Hammarby with botanical prints. I have always thought it is the most interesting decorating idea of the 18th century. I urge everyone to visit his home if passing Uppsala. It is so beautiful.



Lucky you to have those prints! Get them up as soon as possible! BTW what is the IBS sufferers ?


IBS= Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Basically means that you constantly have an upset stomach and can't eat a zillion things and there's no cure and no list of things that all people with IBS can go by of what to eat and not eat, it's something you need to figure out for yourself. I've had this all my life but stilll not 100% sure of what's safe and not. It's trial ad error I'm afraid. No fun at all.

Siv Aksdal

Love the prints they would be beautiful on the wall for spring. Can't wait to see them up. I have a set of antique butterfly prints that I just love. Haven't been able to find the right place for them yet. But maybe I'll take the time to do it this weekend.


Hi, Benita! It's funny to hear about you and your mom's different tastes. My mom and I definitely like different things, but - coincidently - she did just give me some wonderful botanical prints for which she doesn't have any wall space. There are four daffodils and two exotic flowers, and I love them! By the way, what does your mom think of your taste?


Lustig Valborg för er alla! Dricker du mjöd där i Swerige på Valborg?


Sverige, borde jag skriva


She thinks it's too "sterile", haha!


Oj, mjöd har jag nog aldrig druckit. Det låter väldigt vikinga :) Jag ser fram emot ett glas vin eler två senare ikväll istället!


Det är mycket got!! Nästan som läsk men med lite alkohol. Jag hittage ett resept för dej, om du vill prova det på nästa Valborg:
Men jag aldrig gör det med öl. Det är jätte got utan öl också.


My cats, Sam and Jack have the same birthday as Mini and Bonus but,they are one year old ; )


Tack! Det ska jag titta på!


Awww! Happy belated Birthday to them!


Happy Birthday kitties!!! Kisses on your cute noses!!! ^.^


I love to travel and I love to see how life is in other countries. I've never been to Sweden, but it seems like an awesome place.


I love those botanical prints! I can't wait to see what you do with them.
Happy Birthday to your kitties.

Have a great weekend!


Benita, I used to work for an Interior Design firm that paid LOADS of money for botanical prints like these (as well as beautiful pages from antique books of architectural, birds and insect illustrations) to hang in clients homes...you are a very lucky girl to have these! Enjoy them as they are beautiful and make for a wonderful series of wall art!


I know, I've seen them being sold on web auctions and I've been tempted since I've had them for years and not done anything with them so far. The thing is that the way I'm planning to use some of is probably not kosher considering that they are worth quite a bit. At the same time I'd like to use the "originals" IF I use them at all and not copies of them. Anne, who's and archivist is coming over tomorrow and I'll ask for her advice...


I can't wait to see what you do with those prints! I can't believe you've had them for a while and not used them. Have a good weekend!


Punctuation Mark

great photos... as always!!! have a lovely weekend!!!


Is it hard to decide which photo to make that day? There are probably days with lots of inspiration or interesting things around us, so we want to make more then one photo that day...
Have a nice weekend :-)


Some days it it because I have plenty and some days it is because I have few :). Some day it's difficult to think of anything to take a picture of at all...


Many, many kisses to Mini and Bonus! Happy birthday, lovely kitties!!


Anemone nemorosa -->> in PL -->> ZAWILEC :)

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