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April 27, 2010


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That is like magic! I need to try that at once!


It is a great trick. Works on vases too when you want to get rid of the gunk at the bottom after the flowers wilt :)


WOW! Seems so much easier than cleaning manicly with a bottle brush (which just does not reach every corner)


what a brilliant tip! I'll definitely be trying this out on vases bottles etc. Thanks Benita.


how cool is that. Did you read about this method only for bottles? I'm thinking of the glasses for wheat beer that always have some crumbs in them after being put in the dishwasher. It's difficult to clean.


Wow. I have to try this myself! Thanks for the great tip!!!

Greetings from Germany, Bianca


Thank you for this fantastic tip - don't you love how the simple, old-fashioned solutions are often the best!


brilliant tip! will be trying this one out.


Wow, so simple and so efficient! Thanks for the new trick :-)
Cheers, Angie


Well I never knew that!
Thanks for the Tip will try it next time :-)
Tack tack
Julie x

Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas

Tres cool. A very green cleaning tip, too : ).

ana v

I do this but with salt. Is also fantastic .


What a great idea. I often have bottles with narrow necks that I cannot clean. This is a great tip. And since I'm in the middle of a family imposed cleaning marathon, it may come in handy.
Thanks Benita

Elle Sees

You always read about helpful hints and wonder if they really work--glad to see this tip does!
I have used dry rice to save my electronics after being accidentally dropped in water.


Great tip.
My dad always used sand, but I like the idea of using rice better.


Salt and ice works really well on things like glass pitchers or coffee pots.


coarse salt and some ice cubes works great. the ice cubes help grind the salt around even more.

toilet cubicles

I used salt in cleaning those bottles.It's effective especially on baby bottles where milk dries after the whole night.


Cool. I have this old distill bottle in my garden that I have been wondering how to clean for weeks. I am hoping this will do the trick. Thanks!


It works! Tried it last night. Thanks for the timely tip!

Eternal*Voyageur @ Venusian*Glow

Thanks ! I almost bought copper beads form a store, advertised to clean bottles... I knew there had to be a more economical way.


Wow, Sweden has crappy Uncle Ben's rice too!


I know! We never buy it but my mom who rarely eats rice does. It worked well cleaning with it though :)


I never thought of rice, I always use sand. Thanks for the tip.

Eternal*Voyageur @ Venusian*Glow

I was going to say the same thing ! I got some courtesy a well-meaning relative, and I´m so happy to finally find a use for it ! For eating I use wild rice, with husks.

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