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April 28, 2010


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I just love your wood floors! How did you do that? Is it two types of wood, or did you stain separately? I'd love to know how to achieve a similar look.


Read about the floor here http://chezlarsson.com/myblog/2008/06/check-out.html


Hi Benita:

What a good idea. The newspaper keeps everything neat, is easy to replace and it's always recyclable.

I always want to say Happy Birthday to your two kitties, Mimi and Bonus.
They share their birth date with me.

Have a great day!



what a cool idea. We have such a drawer, too. I'll go and check how it looks like immediately. Thanks for the idea!


Thank you! There will be a shrimp fest later tonight :)


This is such a great idea for that drawer. And also hilarious that you are offering the organization discount today, in light of my post on my blog. Don't look Benita, it will be too upsetting for you!


I love your teapot!! My mother had one exactly like that when I was growing up, and it sadly broke. I felt like they were so common that I assumed I could get one for my own apartment, but now I can't seem to find them anywhere. Who makes yours? Where did you find it?


I got my first almost 25 years ago and the second as a wedding gift in 1990. It's Salam Teapot by Guy Degrenne. I Googled and came up with this http://www.lepalaisgourmet.com/400.html

Here's an article on AT about it with some additional sources including Williams Sonoma!http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/boston/appliances-small/classic-french-insulated-teapots-082833


Thanks for this cool tip. I've always disliked the mess in that drawer, but never thought to contain the grease with newspapers. By the way, I took one of Aby's courses (I learned about Simplicity101 right here) and it was better than good. The structure to the course and the effort put into making it an inspiring, organizing experience all deserve only praise.


Your kitchen is lovely! Great tip on the newspaper. I use the same idea for the fridge vegetable and meat drawers--usually not any grease drips there, though.

On another matter, I'm fascinated by the door pulls on your cabinets. They seem to be one unit. They would definitely keep smudges from the cabinets themselves and they look so cool, to boot! They really 'art' up the place like pieces of jewelry!


The handles look awesome but are a nightmare to keep clean. I try to only touch the handle part when opening and closing and not the plate and I make sure my hands aren't greasy when doing so but Martin's fingerprints are always ALL over them. I have to wipe then clean every night with a microfiber cloth... If I were too choose handles again I'd go for something else but I love their look, I really do.


Wow, you are an organizing dynamo! Love the newspaper idea!

Your beautiful home has motivated me to get into a bit of an organizing frenzy myself of late - check out my blog and let me know what you think...I'm also a clog addict which makes reading your blog even more fun Chez!!



Hej, Hittade just din blogg! 100% i min smak!! Blir j├Ątteglad och inspirerad av dig!

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Your kitchen is beautiful. I like the newspaper idea.

Amy Hadley

Great idea! Wonder if that'll work inside the oven, too. ;) Mine's yuh-cky!


Hi, I love yr posts :) I'm having a new home with a tiny kitchen. I don't know my exact needs so I'm having trouble deciding on shelving and space organisation. Any tips for a home newbie like me? How bout a tiny bathroom? Btw, luv all that shelving u have there.

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