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May 31, 2010


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Great idea Benita :)
I have been trying something for two small windows in my bedroom - the morning light comes in no matter what curtains I use.
Now I have a new project. Thanks for the idea.
Have a great day.


Looks super!
The roller blind that you had earlier, did it used to be pure white? Has it gone yellow through the years or was it a little yellow to begin with. Just thinking if I'd get similar, how often would I need to change them? I'm still pondering between roller blinds and those foldable curtains.


If I remember correctly they were a little off white but no way as yellow as this. These have lasted me 12 years but I actually cut them down lengthwise a few years ago and did a new seam for the pole as we don't need that long blinds. They probably started lookin a little dingy after about five years, started to really bother me after eight, cut them and now four years later I finally have new ones. If you have shorter windows than mine you can easily switch blinds more often at not a great expense.

Vicki K

How fresh and great looking - I love your "get 'er done" attitude.

Silus Grok

It's lovely!

You may want to consider finding a metal beaded pull-chord, though. They're heavier, so they drape nicely, and the metal beads reflect light nicely.

There are numerous vendors — including Amazon.com — but this one seemed to be specialized enough to offer a wide selection:



Wow, that's a great idea! I actually have yards of ball chain at home. Will have to check out if that will work!


Ikea has all kinds od sizes - and you can shorten them easily, even me without being handy at all! Plain white, easy care.

Lori in OR

Love it. You make everything seem so easy! It is encouraging to those of us who tend to put things off because they seem too intimidating. I need to get some blinds up on the south-facing windows of my house ASAP!


Benita doll - were these fabric or vinyl? Any idea of the brand, etc.? Currently have a BED SHEET (*blush*) pinned to our window in the living room... removed the old dirty/ugly vinyl blinds to paint and can't bear to put them back up and get too "comfortable" with them again, and have the same issue with all of our odd window sizes! Thank you! Erin


They are not cotton. I was worried they would look really synthetic as they are of polyester or similar but they look great! They didn't have a brand name on them. The tube they came in basically said "Blind" :). Try Ikea's Enje though, many fellow bloggers use them and love them!

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