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May 26, 2010


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Whoa - the very same thing happened to me this year...or to one of my tulips, actually. Totally different color from last year. What's the deal??


different but wonderfull


Love the mohawk one - white but with a twist :)


beautiful photos!


Lovely photo's
Nature never ceases to amaze me... ENJOY!
Kram Julie x


will you leave them be, or restore the aesthetic?!


I've heard of this happening to other plants too, like to Helleborus Niger (julros). Don't know why it happens, guess it is just not their natural color... or could they be seedlings from two parrents...


I'm no expert, but sometimes as tulips get older (2 or 3 yrs) they tend to lose their original color (even if it is white). I don't know how old yours are, but it could be that they are getting past their prime. I replace my tulips every so often. Or you could enjoy their funkiness. I really enjoy your blog. You brighten my mornings here in the states!

Siv Aksdal

Wow cool. We have the same thing here. Our inherited red black and yellow tulips have spread and made two new variety's. One all yellow and one marble yellow and red. I actually like the marble ones better then the original. Another 30 years maybe and they will all be that color.


I'm laughing so hard!! I think you kind of have to keep them. :)

Jennifer S.

Whoa! Just when you thought you were in control... Another "Man versus Nature" lesson.


We had the same thing happen to our tigerlilies. We had red and yellow, then we suddenly started getting pink ones!

Elle Sees

Lovely flowers regardless

Michelle of Montreal

I seem to remember learning about this in biology class -- the wonders of natural genetic variation. The pink edges are a result of gene mutations, and the red streak has to do with old suppressed genes coming out of closet (as it were). But I didn't realize they could completely shift to another colour!


That is too funny! I'm pretty sure you snipped them and put them in a vase. But didn't pull up the roots because that would be wasteful. :)


It's just natures thing. All tulips will in the end turn either red or yellow. Why? Because originally these two were the strongest plants - and by hybridization / crossbreed many other colors have turned up. Just imagine how many times it's done to crate white from ex. say yellow ..... or black from red ......So in a few years all your tulips will be red or yellow - just you wait :O) If you don't want that to happen you have to remove the tulip bulp from the garden - AND plant new ones - in white .....


We just had this kind of thing happen with some Columbine we planted. They were supposed to be Rocky Mountain Columbine, a lovely shade of periwinkle blue with white centers, but they came up pale yellow! I was disappointed, and a bit upset actually.

Die Rabenfrau

I once had tulips in a light rose color, this year most of them were yellow with red. Right in the middle of the bed, there were about five still in light rose. A very ugly contrast, really!

Punctuation Mark

Gorgeous... it must be great to have these beauties in your own home!


they're beautiful!

and you know the score now ... nature 1 benita 0


HA HA HA. So funny!! :D


Oh, I think you've been bad too and that's your punishment :)


I was very tempted to snip but then a very windy day kind of took care of that problem. Let's see what combo next year brings!


I know, I'm being told off by nature!


The red streak does remind me of something I saw at the pride festival so that makes sense!


I think I'll have to call that bed "my cutting garden" and pretend that was my intention from the beginning.




You might just be right!


Seedlings will vary from the parent plant. If you don't want those to continue to add to the gene pool, do a surgical removal of the bulb.

You should consider yourself lucky that your climate supports tulips so well. Many areas stateside plant tulips on a year by year basis, because they don't come back up, and they don't seed.


April - regarding that columbine - sounds like the packet was mislabeled. I'd contact the grower with your concern. There is a yellow columbine variety (Aquilegia chrysantha) that is often offered in the same catalogs as the Rocky Mountain...

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