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May 27, 2010


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Lori in OR

I absolutely love it. It looks fabulous. Just one more thing to set the mood for your NY trip in June!


It's lovely! Did you order it by mail and if so, how much was shipping and how long did you have to wait?


These two posters are on my wish list; I'm trying very hard to resist..for now. Lovely!


Fabulous poster and it looks great! Thanks for the website!


Retro chic, love it!!

Make, Do & Send

The poster looks so great framed! I have a real thing for this kind of 50's/60's illustration at the moment so it just went straight to the top of my wish list ;)


I love it!
It's very "you", Benita!

Have fun in NYC!


it looks fabulous! and really? really? you HAD to direct us to the site where you got it? sheesh... a new place for all my money to go... lol.


I did order it by mail and they are very ok with international shipping. It does cost a small fortune to ship to sweden. I think the shipping was almmost as much as the poster itself... But it IS a limited edition poster and I REALLY wanted it so I said what the heck and went ahead with my order. And i DO love it :)


Sorry, forgot; I think I got the poster about a week after ordering so it was quick, considering it came from half way across the world!


I know, I'm awful aren't I?! They have so much great stuff in that shop...


Very cool poster. I wish they had Seattle for me.


Oooh, I like that print very much! Must go check out that shop NOW.


I am so tempted. Again you Found a great print! It Looks so good on your wall!


That poster is fantastic. Looks great framed!

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