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May 25, 2010


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I "found" Bemz in a magazine last year and went to their website... and started dreaming of a nice fabric for a to-buy-Ikea-sofa... *sigh* Not the linen but some color... *sigh*


This is just an incredible post, with the two pictures to compare.
I have not heard of Bemz but I sure will be checking it out soon!!
Thanks so much for all you do!!


I am on my second BEMZ slipcover for my sad little IKEA sofa. I am over the sofa, but the slipcovers keep it looking fresh and clean. It also feeds my need for change without breaking my bank account. Right now, I am lucky to have a sunshiny orange sofa!

My style is not the shabby chic look but I am very glad BEMZ is expanding. It means they will be around for quite a lot longer!

Siv Aksdal

Beautiful pictures. I actually like the ones from Susanne's blog the best. Better color. Bemz is a great company have been drooling over there slipcovers for years.

Charlotta i Boston

Bemz är fantastiskt! Vilken affärsidé! Jag är så nöjd med mitt fåtöljöverdrag i belgiskt linne http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_FVJ3g57FUlg/SXjalfsSctI/AAAAAAAAB6A/w76lDznQ_WQ/s1600-h/T2.JPG . Det förvandlade en ful fotölj i urtvättat blågrått bomullstyg till en riktigt vacker fåtölj. Perfekt för oss som inte kan sy själva.

Deras nya shabby-serie intresserar mig inte. Däremot såg jag för rätt länge sedan ett hemma-hos-repotage från någon i Bemz (grundaren?) och det var ett av det vackraste hem jag sett.

Elle Sees

I love how each room is a breath of fresh air.


Fantastiskt inspirerande!

Rambles with Reese

Wow! What a great idea! Thanks for introducing me to this company.

It's cool that the founder is Canadian too.


I love it! All the pictures are great and I really like the shabby chic look. But with three large black labs I have to go towards darker fabrics and it loses a lot of the "chicness" in the process.


FFFFFFANTASTIC!!!! just super! i don't always love painted wood (my dad, a carpenter just DIES at the notion of painted wood -- he's a purist), but these examples are making it look pretty good!


These pics get me revving. I love the look, had no knowledge of Bemz, but am bonkers over linen. I couldn't be happier to have been introduce to this, names, companies, blogs, designs... Thank you Benita!


I was just looking at the Yahoo home page and there popped up a picture of Meg Ryan with her Linen couch. I thought of you and the pictures you have posted lately. If you want to take a look, I believe Yahoo says the pictures are from an article in elledecor.com


From your post I went to poke around Bemz - very cool! I emailed them with a random idea I had about customizing ikea sofas (I'd really like different legs for my klippan), and someone in their customer service wrote me back. The person who wrote me back? One of the two people I know who live in Sweden!! What a small world! I had no idea she worked for Bemz (had never heard of Bemz until you mentioned them). Totally made my day - thanks for sending me over there!


How odd and cool is that?!

The Pea Pod

What a fabby idea.

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