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June 29, 2010


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Happy Birthday to Martin. And it looks a great family time. Enjoy these long days.


I love that park! I've been there several times, and I have lots of souvenirs when I was a child. But close to it, my fab place: Skanen! Do you often go there?


Happy birthday to him - I´m a bit scared of hights so I would NOT get up in those... :-)


Amazing for Junior to be able to take a video during the drive!


whooo... that's queasy. I've always thought that the train will go off track and we'll fall with those rides. I ride them anyway.


Happy Birthday to Martin! Glad you had a beautiful day with your family. The day I went the park was closed, but thanks for letting me in this time! :) I couldn't stop smiling through the whole video... What a ride!

Anna @ D16

Wonderful! Happy birthday to Martin. Looks like a fabulous day. :)

(And thanks to Wille for shooting the video, seeing as that's as close as I'll ever get to going on a ride like that!!)


Whoa, that made me ill. Wille has a steady hand--ah, youth. Looks like beautiful weather for a happy birthday!


Happy Birthday!

I've been on Jetline many moons ago when I still lived in Finland. We took a ferry from Helsinki to Stckholm with my then-boyfriend, now hubby. I don't know what possessed me to go on it as I SO do not like heights! One of those 'once in a lifetime' things - at least for me, thank you very much:)


I can't say we go often anymore but we used to go now and then when Wille was younger. I was just telling Martin and Wille that my mom and dad took me on a day out once a year with Skansen in the morning and Gröna Lund in the afternoon with a balloon at he end of the day :).


Deal with your deamons! I´m very sceared of hights...

Lori in OR

Oooh, as one who loves roller coasters, that was a treat! Just another reason to convince my husband to go to Stockholm when we take our long-awaited European sabbatical!


Willie, you're a good man, even if you are delinquent! We got a glimpse of those rides when we were in Stockholm, and I told me dh...Never!

Many more Happy Birthdays to you Martin!

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