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June 28, 2010


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Looks like a good time was had by all! Enjoy your staycation - I'm about to start mine too and can't WAIT to do nothing (that's at the top of *my* To Do list).


My friend is Pernilla Svenre is one of Swedens best artisans! She is a knitter and you might like her work! http://www.pernillasvenre.se/
Martin, The husband


We have been in Sweden in May, and I loooved the new potatis!!! Sooooo delicious :-D
Love your pictures :-D
Xxx, Angie

down pillows

Sounds like a really fun time.


Pernilla Svenre's designs are beautiful, Martin! I'll be in Gothenburg in three weeks, and I'll be sure to seek them out.


Aren't your guys looking all tall and thin! Looks like fun!


Pernilla's work is beautiful and I especially like her non-production work. I love seeing what artisans truly want to make rather than just their "bread and butter pieces."

This has been an especially inspiring blog post as I also love the rhubarb bird path that was in last years posting. I will have to try making it sometime soon. I was also interested in the rules for the game of Klubb, as a Danish friend had brought back the game while on a trip overseas and had introduced it to us while camping, but the instructions were only in Danish.

Lisa A

Looks like a lovely time, Happy Summer!

Shiloe @ Tar Paper Crane

Great photos! You really captured the day!


How lovely!

And I love kubb. What a fun game!

Clara in Paradise

Oh, salmon and pickled herrings, how I miss thee! I just finished my last big-ass jar of pickled herrings and I am having withdrawal symptoms. :(

Does Ikea sell pickled herrings?


12 years ago, I spent Midsommar in Ostersund with family. I played that lawn game, but had completely forgotten about it until your post. I haven't been back to Sweden since, but I have so many great memories of my time there visiting my morfar's family. Thank you for bringing another memory back today.


I think they do!!!

Clara in Paradise

The nearest Ikea is more than 200 Km from here. But I have people who can take on this mission. :)

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