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June 24, 2010


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Interesting. Those are exactly the same stores I go to when I get out of my small boring town.


Glad you found the Bicycle cards. NYC is always great but it's tough to live there, that's why there's the saying "If you can make it there you can make it anywhere".


Oh, you saw Tim Gunn?! I love him. So happy you had a nice time!


Som sagt, lite avundsjuk... ;-) Vilken härlig semester!


There's just something about watching the Today Show while you're in NY, isn't there? It makes my heart beat faster...


Someday, come visit Chicago.... it's a great city. In September, I'm taking my daughter to France for a well earned graduation gift. We built the 3-D Tour Eiffel and look at it every day while we make plans! I love traveling with her.

mama ring

sounds like fun - i just want to say tim gunn was the one celebrity-spotting you! ;) i remember when you did a polyvore collage of your personal style, and i think tim gunn would definitely approve.

Jennifer S.

That's ironic...my 15 year old wants to leave America and live in Europe. I guess the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.


Chicago is the plan actually :)


He wouldn't that day. We were both sweaty, wearing shorts and flip flops in he city. I know, awful! He on the other hand was in a black suit...




Glad you had such a wonderful trip. It sounds amazing!

Hope the Americans you met were hospitable! :)

Kate M.

Your last part about Willie wanting to live in the US is so funny; I visited Sweden for the first time a year ago with my husband (and stayed with Swedish relatives, too) and loved it so much I never wanted to leave. Can't wait to get back again!


This post bought back so many good memories of my trip to NYC in 2008. My sister and I stayed at the Roosevelt, I came home with a huge stack of magazines and American lollies but we didn't see Tim Gunn!!
So want to go back but it is a long way from Australia.


Wow, if Wille moved to NY - he could keep you in American goodies all the time! Woot!


Did you try ordering Wille an iPad through Apple's website? I know when I ordered mine, it was on backorder, and that was only a month or so ago. But it shipped right from China, so I don't know why you wouldn't be able to have it shipped to Sweden!


Wille can always stay with us! We do live on the Westcoast though... (Seattle) :)

down pillow

glad you had fun! I bet theres so much going on in NY, that you can always go back


I'm glad you enjoyed coming to the US! You bought an interesting assortment of things! :)

Amanda L.

Glad you had fun. I haven't been to the east coast, but I love the west coast. There is room in Seattle at my place for you all too. Marjan and I will have to arm wrestle for Willie. :)




We made an online reservation at the Apple store but didn't get an e-mail back in time to pick one up. I'll have to check out ordering it from the website! Chances are they won't deliver to Sweden though because it's not released here yet...


Aww, you're too sweet. I'm kind of not ready to let him go just yet though :).



Anna @ D16

I love seeing your travel photos, and especially the ones from New York! It always looks like a completely different city from the one I see every day. :)

Vicki K

Your purchases are so interesting! I haven't seen that kind of cord clip before - looks good. So glad you and Wille had such a great time.

lisa h.

Awesome, photos -- I've been wanting some dark blue Chucks for a while now. The old Texas license plate is pretty great too :)

I'm glad you and Wille had a wonderful time, but I'm sorry the weather was so hot and humid though. It's always a gamble coming to the city this time of year.

Did you make it to any of the flea markets, or are you saving that for your next visit?

Punctuation Mark

love the post and all your Flickr pics! have a great weekend!

creole wisdom

Looks and sounds like you had a blast in the Empire State-

Too bad you couldn't find the ipad! Bummer-


I wanted to get black leather Chucks for myself but couldn't find the right size.

The license plate came from a fleamarket actually. Can't remember the streets but it was close to the flower disctict on Saturday, Wille found another couple of little things but I couldn't find anything else I wanted. It was fun though!


I'm confused... why did he buy a Yankees PEZ?
//Charlotta in Boston 'Home of the Red Sox'

ps. Hade vi inte så extremt mycket packning med oss hem om knappt tre veckor skulle jag hjälpt er med köpet av iPad. Vi ska köpa med oss en Mac Mini som ska ersätta nuvarande DVD-spelare bland annat. Liten och extremt stylish!


Glad you all had a great time. Curious, though. Do they not produce qtips in Sweden??

Mary Kate

Benita, I just burst out laughing when you said that you went to the Container Store in NYC. To me the Container Store is 'old hat'. After faithfully reading your blog, and desperately envying all your Muji containers, I could not wait to hit the Muji store on my recent trip to Paris. I guess the grass truly is greener! Maybe we can work out an exchange program - one Muji organizing item for one from the Container Store. As always, I love you blog. Thanks for bringing sunshine into my life!


As a Kiwi (New Zealander) I totally relate to the allure of shopping for "foreign" goodies like q-tips. Me - I love American dryer sheets. We don't have Ikea, Target, Walmart, The Container Store or even an Apple Store down here , so it's so interesting to read what people are buying - those everyday items that make life easier and so much more interesting. Do those teeth whitening strips work? My husband was travelling for work and tried to get me an i-Pad in Chicago. I think he went to 4 Apple stores before giving up. He managed to buy me one in Switzerland. Love your blog - so inspiring and interesting.


I really don't mean to sound rude, but don't you have skittles, q-tips and froot loops in Sweden? I lived in London for a while and they had all that, hence my question (seeing that Sweden is still Europe).


Anna at Door Sixteen says they do and I trust her and can't wait to try them out!


Thanks! But did you know you can buy muji online? http://www.muji.us/store/


Tack vad gulligt, men jag förstår att det är trångt i bagaget :) Redan dags att åka hem?


Wille saw them at FAO Schwartz and wanted them. I think to him the Yankees are synonymous to NYC :)


I don't mean to sound rude but London and the UK is totally different to Stockholm and Sweden. We are not the United States of Europe :)

John Flood

I always buy Q Tips when I'm in the US. There is nothing as good as them in Europe. I will buy 6 or more boxes at a time!


Right, I guess I just thought whatever got sent to London was also sent to other european capitals. I was just curious, as books won't tell you about these little things. It's nice to learn through people's real lives :)



Alessandra (la ciupa)

I've been following your blog for quite some time, but it's the first time I comment. NYC is my favorite city in the world and your photos reminded me why!

Definitely visit Chicago, too. I think you'll enjoy it.


Mary Kate

Thanks Benita - I had visited their website quite awhile ago and the selection was not very good. I see they have really expanded their offerings. It was still helpful to see in in person but I got home and wanted one more of one of the stacking containers and now I am set because I can order it online. I really appreciate that you comment back on questions so regularly - it really makes it feel like you are a close friend. :-)

Nicole Grove

Ordering an iPad from Apple's site is probably your fastest option (as someone else discussed), but if you're waiting til you go back to the states, try looking at a Best Buy. They have three in NYC, and they tend to have more stock then the Apple Stores. It's where I got mine about 2 weeks after they launched, just walked in, paid for one, and walked out! No crazy lines or hassle.

Best Buy - Noho Manhattan
622 Broadway, New York - (212) 673-4067

Best Buy
750 7th Avenue, New York - (212) 265-3984

Best Buy - Columbus Circle
1880 Broadway, New York - (212) 246-9734

I hope where ever you get him one from he enjoys it...I've loved mine!


Thanks for the tip, they don't ship to Sweden though because it's not out here yet :(.

I'll be going to Chicago next, probably in December and will check out Best Buy there!

At the moment Wille's more keen on getting his hands on the iPhone4 though which will be available over here at the end of the month. I really look forward to that because I will inherit his old iPhone :).

Laurie Bilyea

Good evening Benita, I saw these New York ornaments while on vacation in Frankenmuth,MI and thought of you and Wille! Love the blog and enjoy all your thoughtful and inspiring content.

Laurie B

London, Ontario, Canada




har du något bra tips på hotell i New York? Ska åka dit över midsommar och har ingen aning om var jag ska bo. :) Så alla tips mottages tacksamt!

Ha en toppen tisdag!

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