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June 10, 2010


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Wow you're so clever and creative! I love all of your concrete creations!


I admit I was curious so I looked through the other submissions posted. And I'm looking forward to seeing others that have been submitted.

Benita, I love every single one of your creations. There were very few from the other contestants that I liked. Mostly I like yours because they were functional and because their attractiveness was derived from the natural color and texture of the concrete. And I'm so impressed that you used items from around the house to make them. (I'm still swooning over those table weights made from the Kinder Egg molds and the shower clips.)

Really, if I were the judge, you would have already won the contest!




You're unreal... How do you even think of this stuff? It's incredible. I can't even think of what to make for dinner, for crying out loud. LOVE it all.


But I can't think of what to make for dinner either! :)


excellentes toutes tes idees !! I love them allllll !


I am so very much loving all these concrete projects, they are fantastic and totally inspiring!


I love your concrete! You should sell them. They are simple, functional, and beautiful. Perfect
Swedish design!


I wonder if silicon baking forms smeared with a ton of Vaseline would work and be reusable? Can't stand the idea of actually baking with them, but for craft stuff like this.... ??


They will work! All us bloggers actually got heart shaped silicon forms but I didn't use them. All you have to do is oil them before adding the concrete.


The most surprising thing to me is this: somehow, within that small uncluttered lovely house of yours, there seems to be nothing that doesn't have a purpose.
And then you go and dig up something that you apparently have kept all this time, lying around, and you do something brilliant with it.
How do you do it?? ;-) No seriously, how do you decide what might be useful in the future and what won't? I'm not someone who throws out a lot, but Kinder Eggs would go without a second of thought.

(BTW, I went to NYC this weekend and ran into the Muji stuff at the MoMA! Now I own the plastic reusable bottles too. Great stuff.)

Cherri Porter

I know you're all into no color, but the star and the house number are screaming for color! Yellow? Red? Pink?

Melony Bradley

OK- I am LOVING these concrete projects super seriously. Your ideas are all fantastic


I do hold on to stuff that I think may come in handy one day but I'm quite restrictive when deciding what to hold on to. I usually keep pretty and/or practical things that can be used for storage or gift wrapping. I keep a couple of boxes in the storage room for this purpose.


If I wanted them in color I wouldn't have chosen to do them in concrete :)


I was wondering about one of the steps in how you made your bookend.
I can see in this photo that you used zip ties to hold the two sides of the mould together, but how did you get both sides filled and together without spilling it everywhere?




I've awnswered that in the comments section in the bookend post http://chezlarsson.com/myblog/2010/06/panduro-concrete-challenge-3.html

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