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July 29, 2010


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Jennifer (The Crooked Château)

I like these new "out of the house" pictures! You just make everything look great, even light switches! LOL!!! Have a great day.

Petra from NL

We tore down our garden shed 3 weeks ago, and took down a matt lamp shade, like the round ones you show here. Mm... seeing it in a new light now. I guess we could put it at the front door, instead of the so-called bulls eye we have there now. Our house is Dutch 30's style...


Wow! Amazing shop! great advice for some future visit to Stockholm.


Vi har också nyss skaffat ett litet radhus från 30- eller 40-talet. Mycket är kvar från förr, men köket behöver lite kärlek. Ska bli kul att försöka få till det så det blir både fräscht, användbart och passande till husets själ.


Ooh, I love the lighting fixtures too - simply beautiful.


Benita, listen to me very closely now: You. Are. The. Best! We are, at this very moment, planning like crazy for all the restoration we'll be doing to the 100+ year-old house we'll be moving into in a couple weeks, and have been frustrated at the few choices for finding authentic, or near-authentic, material. Why we didn't find Byggfabriken ourselves is anybody's guess - I think I just have to come to terms with the fact that you're a better searcher than most people :).

Anyway, a very warm THANK YOU to you for this post...now I'm going to study their website from cover to cover.


Yay, I'm the best! Wohoo!! Haha!

I'm so excited for you, how awesome to move! Where's the moving truck heading?


Even the hardware/restoration/fixture shops look lovely and inviting and clean, so clean in Stockholm. Much credit to the photographer as well! The ones I have been to here in the States are industrial or dusty - and always dark. Why do I feel like windows and light are so scarce here? Looking forward to your freshened up doors.

down comforter

The wall paper looks very pretty


And you know what? We've already been to Byggfabriken and back :). That's how interested we were, and it didn't disappoint. Love their tile selection.

We're moving to about 15km east of Uppsala - near Fjällnora, if you're familiar with that area. Quite a few "modernizations", i.e. things that are horribly out of sync with the house's character, but it has a good soul.


I think I would go completely mad in a store like that! Thanks for sharing it...I love, love, love those lights and those light switches are so cool!

European Chic

Good to know about this store. I´ve been looking for a lamp that looks kind of unfinished for a while and love the lightbulbs-on-a-string lamps you photographed. Thanks!


WOW I love those light switches!

There are some shops like that in Lisbon but not as cool or comprehensive...


Seems a bit like Restoration Hardware here in U.S., which i love. Why is that retro stuff so cool?


Love the lamps... and yest three would be better... I even saw a whole bunch of these hanging together even better ;)


It is a bit like RH but the RH feels more like furniture stores while Byggfabriken has more of a hardware store vibe to it which I prefer.

Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas

What a cool place!

I wish we had a great vintage place like this in Las Vegas...


wow, I want those lights too! thanks for taking us on your shopping trip - lots of fun :)

Kitchen Remodeling

wow!..great blog indeed!..I now have lots of reasons to visit Stockholm.

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