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July 21, 2010


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That must be heaven - to be able to find everything at same file! We´re constantly in hunt for cables, cd´s and instructions (only found in Creek when emergency)- I am definitely going to copy this. And do the same with other appliances too, we have tons on thick manuals tossed SOMEWHERE in all possible languages.

Thank you so much for sharing again!

Sunshine from Finland!



Oh I love that! I have a similar one, but it contains all the instructions for all the appliances we have, and it's full to bursting! Maybe I should separate the computer ones from all the rest.

Fröken Prickig

När jag har tid vill jag bli som du, Benita!


Haha, om du gör en sån här pärm så får du tid till annat sen :)


We keep the rest of the manuals in file boxes but since we need these more often than the others it's great that they are so easily accessible and in Wille's room where the main stationary computer sits.


Oh, that's really smart. I'm almost completely binder-ized but I hadn't thought of this. And seeing your binder reminds me of something I've been meaning to ask you: Where oh where do you find your white binders? I've looked around the Stockholm area and online but everybody seems to carry everything but white.


They're from Åhléns! I think they have them specially made which is why you can't find them in regular office stores that sell the original Jopa.


Well there you go! I need to remember to check there first instead of last because they just have everything. I just might pop by there today - thanks!

Natasha Burns

Brilliant idea! So inspiring! I must try this one out, I think it would work wonders and get me computer-organised!


I do the same thing, but in a zippered binder because the pages are all flopping... How clever of you to put a piece of cardboard in each page. However did you get to be so smart, Miracle Girl?


I bought the white ones from here:


sorry, left some info out. You need to click on the JOPA ORIGINAL HELRYGG link, there you'll find the white one.

lisa h.

Oh man, this is way better than our non-system of tossing everything in a drawer and promptly forgetting about it. The thing I like about your solution is that it's easy to update when you get rid of something. We're still finding manuals and boot disks from equipment and programs we got rid of years ago.

Petra from NL


Jennifer S.

Great idea. So easy and obvious. I really need to copy this one!


Thanks Leena! Now I have two places to look so I'm sure to get something.


Love it! Do you have any ideas for paper work i.e. credit card bills and bank statements?


Have you seen this post? http://chezlarsson.com/myblog/2008/05/organizing-pape.html


I think this is a good idea. I took a day and located all of the user manuals/software online and created a folder of links for those online resources, and then backed it up so that I have access to it permanently online. I know I'll have to check back to make sure that the links don't change, but it saved me tons of space in terms of all of the manuals & CDs.


Thanks Benita for the reference to your previous post. Now I just have to get to work on my huge pile. Which for me is the most difficult part.


So simple, yet effective. Wish I'd have thought of doing something like this when I first bought my computers. I don't have a clue where any of the paperwork is now. I'm keeping this idea in mind for future use though.

Ludmila {creamylife.com}

Great idea!


This is SUCH a good idea! I will definitely be implementing this system. Thanks so much for the tip! :)

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