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July 27, 2010


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Petra from NL

I guess having the homemade touch makes it taste even better.


Jag vill bara komma med ett litet tips eftersom jag gör samma müsli sedan flera år. Jag har skippat sockret och tillsätter 1 1/2 msk kanel och 100 gram pumpakärnor. Russinen/klippta aprikoser tillsätter jag inte förrän den är färdig och har kallnat, det gör att de håller sig saftiga.

Tack för dina härliga inlägg förresten. Du har en av de bästa bloggarna och jag missar inte ett inlägg ;) Jag är dock inte så bra på att lämna spår efter mig.

Fortsatt trevlig sommar!

Sarah @ myfirstllittleplace

Oooh thanks for sharing, I think I might have to make some of this, yum!!

Petit Filoux

I love love love granola!! One day I will make my own!! (I always read about people making their own and then I don't know, I just forget about it!)

Ludmila {creamylife.com}

Oh this looks very good and healthy, what's even more important!


Takk for oppskrift - ser kjempegodt ut! Må prøves!:o)

Linda Urban

try adding some dried cranberries. We love it that way.


Thanks for this! It looks like a lower fat version of one I make. A suggestion though--390 degrees fahrenheith sounds a bit too hot. I would suggest 350.


Tack, testar kanske det nästa gång!


Cranberries are not very common over here but it sounds like it would taste great!


yum. it's very similar to my recipe (actually, make that MY FRIEND'S recipe), though i'll have to try it with the shredded coconut. a little vanilla and dried, tart cherries are a nice touch, if you're looking to mix it up a bit.


Hi Benita! I was just wondering where you got the jar(?) which you used to put the Granola into? I love it..I also made some Granola but not a lot as I didnt have enough ingrediants...then my mum ate the rest..will make some more and send you pictures! Enjoy your blog so much! Thank you xx


Ohhh this looks so yummy! Thanks for sharing :)

Alison Zulyniak

I can't wait to try this!!

~Prairie Story ...care of Alison Zulyniak


I bought the jar in the local charity shop but it's actually from IKEA. They don't seem to have the large one I have right now though http://www.ikea.com/gb/en/search/?query=burken. Oh, I spray painted the lid white because it was very worn. And because I prefer white anyway :)

Postadress Torslanda

gör också denna granola sedan några år och har provat mig fram. Socker använder jag inte, istället kanel + ingefära. Och russin + torkade aprikoser är numera ersatta av gojibär, torkade tranbär eller blåbär.
Och precis som någon här tidigare så tillsätter jag bären efter att granolan svalnat. Jag gör en omgång varannan vecka ungefär och denna har blivit en del av vår frukost varje dag. Tröttnar inte :)


I use a very similar recipe but use apple juice instead of water. Very yummy!


I tried to make this yesterday and it turned out great! however I couldn't find any rye flakes in the store. What kind (brand? swedish name?) do you buy?


Thanks for all the granola tips! We'll be experimenting next time!


They're by AXA! "Rågflingor"


I just made this today and it turned out great! I couldn't get a hold of any rye flakes though, but I found this 5 flakes mix instead: http://www.urtekram.dk/produktliste/?tx_ttproducts_pi1[begin_at]=240&tx_ttproducts_pi1[backPID]=99&tx_ttproducts_pi1[product]=1114&cHash=9e4e9a77aa
I searched several big super markets but I guess there's no market for rye flakes here in Denmark, which is very weird..
Anyway, thanks for the recipe! It was really easy! I chose to mix the water/oil into the dry stuff after I had put it on the baking sheet - it saves you from washing a greasy bowl ;)


benita!!! I've been looking for a recipe like this for ages! I wasn't sure whether I'd like it what with the linseed and sunflower seeds, which are usually no favourites of mine, so I only did half the amount.

I, too, couldn't get rye flakes, so used five-corn-flakes and spelt flakes instead. for the fruity part I combined apricots and cranberries, both finely chopped.

what shall I say... delicious! thanks a lot for sharing! :-)

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