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July 26, 2010


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Wow, what a collection! Thank to this blog I bought dymo one year ago and enjoy all the time his loyal service :-))
Have a nice week!


ooh, this makes me very happy, so neat and tidy! I wish my craftbits were this organised!


I have to ask, what is the shredded paper for?
Is it maybe for padding?


When I need to do a big clan-up, I come to your blog first. It inspires me and gets me started.



Can I come over to play?


super organised as ever. love the pics :)


Aww dream drawers!!!! I love it! =)


Aww dream drawers!!!! I love it! =)
(sorry, wrong e-mail at the other one!)

lisa h.

Benita, somehow I clicked on the link to your 2008 post and left a comment there...oops, not sure how I managed to do that.

I asked about your guidelines for purging craft supplies, as I have trouble getting rid of anything that could be potentially useful "someday." (I see now you've already addressed that question to a degree in this post). I know a lot of people can be fairly rigid about purging, like "If I haven't used it in the last year, turf it," but I have a hard time doing that.

Have you ever gotten rid of something and regretted it later?

Your freshly organized drawers look great, by the way. And yes, Muji has some terrific, simple organizing products, many with a very Benita-friendly aesthetic :)


Thank you for the inspiration. I am about to start tackling the overhaul of my craft room today and I need all of the inspiration I can get. My issue is that I have many creative interests and I see the potential in much of the stuff that I collected. Do you ever regret getting rid of something and then wish that you hadn't?


You beat me to the regret question! I have been saving "someday stuff" for 20 years! It's easy to get rid of things that are easy to replace, but I have a hard time purging things that are expensive or difficult to replace, such as materials that I acquired while working on various theatrical shows or craft supplies that belonged to my Grandma. It doesn't help that I am sentimental.


It was left over at a campaign at work and I'm thinking of using it when sending gifts through the mail.


Someday may never come... when I used to have so much more stuff I ended up rarely crafting because it was too overwhelming finding my favorite things. It got to a point where I just decided that if I only used my favorite things and colors anyway, why would I bother with large spools of purple and brown ribbon so I gave them away and I haven't regretted it yet.


I feel wholly clutter and unorganized now... ;)


No regrets, I still have so much stuff that will last me a life time...

If you have a lot of cool vintage things and love them you should hold on to them but make sure you have proper storage for them. If they're worth holding on to they're worth storing well.


Wow! Organization porn and craft porn all in one. :)

Sandy Shirley

Benita - You are such an inspiration! Because of an upcoming event to be held at our house in September, we've begun a huge de-cluttering project. It has turned into cleaning out, rearranging, and reorganizing! I'm so overwhelmed with it all and think of you and your well-maintained home through it all. I stand back, look at all the mess and say "Benita would just scream if she had all this to deal with!"

down comforter

I really like your ribbon collection


Sigh! Wish my crafting things were nicely organized like yours. You've given me inspiration. Thanks for sharing!

Jennifer (The Crooked Castle)

Hi! Looks like we both took pictures of drawers today! Your blog and your organizational skills (and neatness) inspired me to do a blog of my own home! I just feel bad we're not neighbors (I live in Canada), because I have a feeling we would get along very well! Have a nice day!

Eco craft

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