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August 27, 2010


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I like family living too! A lot to read, a lot of pages with "things" and not only ads. I just put a "reklam, nej tack" on my door and too late remembered there will be no Ikea catalogue... sigh. Have to order one now.
Annars som vanligt. Packelipackelipack... Kramar till er alla!


I haven't had my Canadian IKEA catalogue yet.. but I have read it from cover to cover on line. I too thought it was busier than usual, and that several of the room sets looked overworked. Like Coco Channel said.."when you think you're ready.. take something off".
Have a lovely weekend.
Jo x


Have a great weekend!
Cool you have a 'Vintage' i phone 3 lol! I'd like one of them too!

procrastination mama

No ikea cataog yet til September/Oct in England for us. ;(

And i so love the family living things i see. Has anyone found this in England???

I have a great home for some if anyone is throwing some old ones away!! Magazine swap anyone?!

procrastination mama

No ikea catalogue yet til September/Oct in England for us. ;(

And i so love the family living things i see. Has anyone found this in England???

I have a great home for some if anyone is throwing some old ones away!! Magazine swap anyone?!

Gudny Bra

HI I meant to thank you for the tip about the "ingen reklam" sign. I took mine down in time and got the catalogue. My 2.5 year old got to the sign and destroyed it though, so now I have to live with the crazy amount of trash that comes every day.
Love your blog and find it very inspiring, have a great weekend!


i really like it here!
how, may i ask, do you keep everything that's white so nice and clean???
i'm always scrubbing sticky fingerprints!!


We also have Furminator, amazing how much hair I get out with that at least 3 times a week! What is this brown cream on Willes breakfast bread?
My cats - since only indoor cats - can't live withput each other. If one has to see our vet, the other keepis crying at home as long as we are not back.


I have at least 100 pictures of my feet (and other peoples' feet, too) because sometimes that's all you can think to take a picture of. Also, I love these recap posts!! Thanks for sharing!


Glöm inte hojta till när du vill ha assistans! Kram!!!


Good morning Benita, I know this is an odd question but what does Wille eat for breakfast? Your food pics always look so interesting and different from our North American meals. Can you perhaps illuminate the "Larsson Family Favorites"?



Ingvar Kamprad, IKEA's founder, used to say those busy rooms had "deko-nojja" meaning that they were so overly decorated so you couldn't see the merchandise...


Well guess what, so am I :). Here's a post on keeping the sofa and armchairs white http://chezlarsson.com/myblog/2009/11/keeping-a-white-sofa-white.html


That's peanut butter! I have it too in the morning.


This is what we usually have:
Martin: Two eggs and a cup of tea. OJ on Sundays.
Benita: Two pieces of toast with peanut butter and tea.
Wille: One piece of toast with peanut butter, some slices of fuet (spanish sausage), half a grapefruit, bowl with vanilla yoghurt with homemade granola and cold chocolate milk. On Sundays the chocolate milk is substituted with freshly squeezed OJ and in winter with tea.

down comforter

Awww...Your cats are so cute, I hope mine were like that, that would be so cute (I have a big muscular 30 lbs boy and a tiny teeny girl kitty)...But I am so glad that we are over the first days when I brought the girl home, when they spent most of their time hissing at each other

down comforter

Gee, my diation mother would love your family

down comforter

I meant diatitian* Sorry for the typo


So when you say "overly decorated" do you really mean "not white"



No, that's not it actually:). It's that it's so cluttered and busy with models and stuff. It's obvious that they want to make it look like "real families at home" but I don't want to see cluttered homes when browsing through the catalog.


Sensible chap.. and frankly I wouldn't question his judgement.
Glad your internet connection's working.
Jo x


You could have had some of mine Tracey but unfortunately they are now in Canada... sorry :o)
The catalogue's online btw.. this is the North American version.. but apart from pages 2/3 and 4/5 it will be virtually identical
Jo x


Nice feeling and nice photos. Feet are not my cup of tea. The ugliest part on the body... ;)

procrastination mama

Thanks Jo! You are too kind. x


I'm surprised it took so long to get your IKEA catalog in Sweden - I just got mine two days ago and had started to wonder if they'd forgotten me.

Jennifer S.

So Wille is the growing boy, eh?! I made some granola using your recipe, and it was quite good. I left out the coconut because my family doesn't like that, and used apricots and dried blueberries for the fruit. Thanks for the recipe.

Fat Cat

Totally jealous of your Ikea catalogue (I know that sounds daft, but come on, new Ikea catalogue - that's like one of the highlights of the year ;-). Here in Belgium we will have to wait another three weeks before getting them. But thanks for the tip from one the commenters, I am off to browse it online...

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