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August 30, 2010


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Cute.. and inventive, as ever.
What gave you the idea ?
Jo xx
Oh and well done Wille btw.


Good morning! Great job Wille! I`ve always thought that those Buddhist prayer flags are so beautiful with their vibrant colors. Your twist to it inspired me! I think I will make one for Christmas using different types of Christmas pattern paper!! I love the ones with snow crystals on them that come in pale blue and white! Thank you for another great idea!

Ramona K

What a clever thought! Sometimes you know that money as a present to spend as liked is the best option but it still feels a bit "wrong" handing over cash. Thanks for the inspiration - and well done Willie!


Fin idé:)

Ha det fint, kram M


oh boy, that's so neat!


Awesome...your so creative Benita!
Well Done to your son and what a generous Grandma too ;-)

Prairie Story

That is so cute! Great idea! Grandparents are the best!


Great crafting on the fly! I have a serious bunting fixation at the moment, so I love this.


Wille folds bills into little shirts and we gave one away a couple of years ago at a graduation and when I was asked to "wrap" the money my thoughts went to that shirt bill. Pressed for time I had to do something simpler but that's where the inspiration came from :).


så fiffigt och kreativt!!

så du är i krokarna?
ja, skåne är ju stor iofs. hoppas
ni har lika fint väder där du är
som vi har här idag. varmt och skönt!
plommonpaj låter gott.
har aldrig smakat men det blir nog
nästa bakprojekt på listan :)

down comforter

What a generous grandma! I love your idea too


Smart og morsomt:)


You are the cleverest person I know, what a delightful idea!

The Everything Files

I have just nominated you for A BEAUTIFUL BLOGGER award, rules of the award are that you now have to nominate 10 people and tell us 10 things about yourself - enjoy!

elissa @ faucethead

Very creative. Such a great alternative to a money envelope!

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