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September 20, 2010


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I love it too! I think the orange and green pick up nicely the colors of the pillows underneath.


I confess that I had no idea what flash cards were when I first started reading your post... but I assume now that they are used in schools.. ?
I like what you've done with them though and I'm immediately going to steal your idea of using 'sticky lifts' to make the art seem like it's floating above the mount.
So.. Joey ?? as in 'Friends', or Parrot, or baby Kangaroo..?
I can see odd words.. oh hang on.. Doh !
I'm fine ! thank you for asking. ;o)
Jo xx

Petra from NL

I like how you lined up the frames at the bottom.


Really nice, something interesting to look at. And thanks Jo, for deciphering! I got stuck at Hey, how fat...


I had no idea what flash cards were until I read further. I don't remember having used them at school...? I think it looks really nice with the pillows below :)
I prefer the cards with letters and words though because I don't like math at all. And you can always change the letters to make new words (maybe even words in another colour?). It's a great idea to decorate a home office too :)

Petit Filoux

Love the one with the subliminal message!!


Cool, I really love it! Would only put everything little bit higher. So when people are sitting there you still see everything above their heads.


Benita you are a genius. How lovely are these flash cards all framed up? Well done, I love it!!


Oh, I'm afraid art hung (too) high is one of my pet decorating peeves... :). Sorry....

Eternal*Voyageur @ Venusian*Glow

I got the Joey one ! I love to say that too ;-)


Hmmm, sorry not my cup of tea for a living room, though I think it would be fun in a little kid's play room, or a classroom. I think the art above a couch should be more "wow", but I love the white effect.


Love it! I have a bunch of game pieces and have been wondering how to use them - this would even be a great way to "store" them until I finally get going on my collage...


How you doin...
Seriously. Hope all is well. Yesterday I actually got rid of the boxes in front of the fire place. I've almost forgotten it was there! (har hittat mina onämnbara nu också - phu)
See you soon again? Wine or sumfink?


I love it! I love howw all of the colors pop against all of the white!



They look fantastic - I might even have to copy to make subliminal messages in my childrens' rooms! Sneaky, lovely, perfect!


I think they are cool, reminds me of when I was kid and mom tried to teach me english with those types of cards. I like how you hang them.
And I love the duck :)


I approve! I personally wouldn’t hang something like that on my walls because I have too many bad memories from school - but I love how you combined the colors - how you picked up on the green letters with the green duck, the aqua cards against the aqua wall, and of course the red against the pillow! Brilliant!!! Keep it like that!Now I wonder what color you will paint the wall in. My guess is red..;)

Michelle of Montreal

The frame flash cards look cool, but they definitely give me flashbacks. In grades 2 and 3 (age 7-8), my mom would drill me on arithmetic every night after supper. I'd drag out my eating to try to delay it as much as possible. But all the practice was effective...

Torrie @ a place to share...

I absolutely love it. Not only the flashcards, but how they 'float' within the mats. What a great idea!!!

Jennifer S.

I think it's cute, but since my own children are at the age where they are actually using flash cards in school, I wonder what they would think if I were to put them up as art!


Apselut! Vi kan väl höras före helgen?!


I love Joey Tribbiani... How *you* doin'?
Very cool ideas.


I'm always looking for creative art for my walls...and this is such a lovely idea! Am such a Friends fan so the Joey phrase is perfect!


Let's! Jag blandar språk helt vilt i din blogg. Blir så inspirerad av övriga kommentarer. Snart på isländska kanske.


that "how you doin" makes me laugh out loud; thank you for that!

who sits on a sofa with their head leaning back so far that that it could touch the art/wall? (someone much taller than me, at the very least.) that sounds so uncomfortable! i think your new art looks great as is, especially with the bottom of the frames level as they are.

glad things are going well, feeling better for you.


I don't like the way you're telling things concerning your husband. To my ears it sounds quite unrespectfully. I know that this is your blog, you can write whatever you want, and I'm free to read it or not. It's just that I like your other, non-husband-posts. Therefore I would wish for some more neutral posts in the future. Best wishes, Maja


I like this idea. But I love the coffee table. Where did you find it?


Martin and Wille built it:) http://chezlarsson.com/myblog/2009/09/revealing-the-coffee-table.html


I think I'd like more. There's a lot of wall above. I like the flashcard idea. I'm a teacher and flashcards are my friends!


this educator thinks these prints are VERY COOL! I didn't realize that flash cards might create such displeasure with school. I thought of them as a game... and now as "art work" they still look really "game-like" - love that they are floating.


Superläckert! Skrämmande fakta: jag läste texten på en gång. Är jag Joey-skadad?! ;)


Ooh yes.. they could say..
'tidy your room'..
'that goes in the laundry basket'..


I really like them but I think there needs to be more too. I agree they are the right height but there is so much wall space above them. Then again, knowing your great eye, it must look perfectly fine in person. Hard to tell from photos sometimes!


By the way, I can't find the post where you mentioned where you buy the miniature designer chairs. I am wanting one for a friend and I just can't find it! I would love a link, pretty please.....


Antagligen :)


I've mostly gotten mine from Ebay and Hong Kong but Poketo sells the tiny ones: http://poketo.com/shop/living?product_id=996, http://poketo.com/shop/living?product_id=995, http://poketo.com/shop/living?product_id=994


I finally got the subliminal message :) This used to be our way of greeting our friends at uni!
The "I make white" is my favourite too Benita!

lisa h.

"I make white."

Haha, that is so you, Benita.


I'm duly impressed. And now I have an excuse to buy more power tools. Thx!


Hi Benita, I like your flash card art. I think that the subliminal message says: "Hay How You Doin". However, I also spotted "fat" right before "you" - don't know if it was inadvertantly :-).

Actually, I am going to use the same technique for a little shadow box I am making as a present for my brother who collects images of old cars. Some time ago I had a box of little chocolates which came in their individual "sleves" with drawings of old (1920s)cars - Monte Carlo style. They were so pretty that I saved them and now I am going to glue them (3 raws of 3 pictures each) in a shadow box. I think they will look nice.


What color paint did you use on the walls in this room? I love it!

Jillian Buechi

Maybe you have posted about your Orla Kiely pillow already, but can you tell me where you got the fabric? I have the same fabric duvet and pillows on my bed, but would love to make a pillow for my living room.
Thanks, Jillian (Canada)


I got the piece of fabric on Ebay but as one reader pointed out when I posted about it, it's probably an off-cut from a duvet cover, the one you have :)


We use the NCS color system over here and the NCS number is: S 0520-B30G. A paint store should be able to translate it for you.


The bigger question is...How YOU doin?

Ha ha--that one is funny!


Thank-you, it looks so bright and cheerful on your sofa!


wow I like the design. although it looks like a school child, but very clean and tidy. so it looks beautiful.

Sara/Little Miss Fix It

Ha-ha! Så himla fina, jag älskar skolmaterial och Joeycitatet är klockrent! :) Du är fantastiskt duktig på att fånga vardagens små finheter. Heja!

make my day

Hei Benita! I flittered over here from a tweet direction from @lizstan on babble.com . So glad I did. The thing I love is that you're giving interest back to something that has already had a life - and perhaps wasn't loved too much the first time?!! Beautiful Blog. cheers kari

kimbo west

featured this awesome idea on my blog today!



Thank you!


where do you get the white frames from? I've been having a hard time finding nice simple white frames that don't leave too small of a border/matting around the edge.


I got them from a local frame store called Gallerix but I know IKEA has a nice range of Ribba http://www.ikea.com/us/en/search/?query=ribba

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